Snow: Bane of Sanity

I'll be the first to admit I don't have much experience with snow. Having lived in Tucson most of my life, I've only rarely seen the powdery devil. I used to think it was a wonderful thing, all fluffy and pretty. That perception changed drastically after having moved to Wisconsin due to the following:

  • Car getting stuck going up hill
  • Car skidding going down hill
  • Car skidding while turning
  • Car skidding while going straight
  • Car skidding into side of road and getting stuck
  • Attempting to push said car, slipping on ice, and falling face first into dirty snow
  • Crossing the street, slipping on ice, and falling face first into dirty snow
  • Talking and walking down the sidewalk, slipping on ice, etc.
  • Standing still, slipping on ice, etc.
  • Discovering that cold weather = severe headaches
  • Discovering that thick, bulky jackets, mittens and hats aren't just a fashion statement

    Snow, for all its beauty, is damned inconvenient. Driving in snow is like driving with a gimpy leg. Walking in snow is enough to give one a gimpy leg. Just standing in snow is enough to give me a headache. The worst part is that, contrary to common sense and indeed, a sane universe, its actually warmer when its snowing. How insanely stupid is that? How anyone can actually enjoy this sort of weather is beyond me.

    I used to complain about the Tucson heat and how miserably unbearable it was. Now I complain about the Wisconsin chill and how miserably unbearable it is. Maybe I just like to complain. Or maybe I'd like to live in a place without freaking temperate extremes.

    Just my $0.02.

    Its SIVlan, dammit, v BEFORE l

    This is my pet-online-peeve. I often go by the moniker " Sivlan " whilst online, be it for games or chat. Yet everytime some smacktard goes and calls me Silvan. Silvan is a gross misspelling of sylvan or, more recently, a weak-willed Silvansti elf noble in the Dragonlance War of Soul's trilogy. I am neither a weak willed elf noble nor a grove of pretty trees so stop calling me one.

    Where'd I get the name from? Simple, I made it up from SIlVer and LAN (as in Local Area Network). Why such an odd combination? I needed a name for a quick D & D character creation and those were the first two words that popped into my mind. I didn't even consider its close relation to silvan, but I'll be damned if I change it now.

    Last Updated: July 27, 2004