I am a sixth year PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Visual Computing Lab in the Department of Computer Sciences advised by Prof. Michael Gleicher. I received a BS in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington in 2009 as part of the NASA Space Grant program and a MS in Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2011 as part of the joint UW-Department of Energy BACTER Institute. My research interests include graphics and visualization, human-computer interaction, color science, data mining, machine learning, and perceptual science.

My current work focuses on how understanding perception in everyday viewing can inform effective visual analysis. I develop visualization systems and techniques for comparing large, complex data with a special focus on enhancing the scalability and interpretability of visual displays. I've worked with collaborators across a variety of domains including genomics, bioinformatics, English, biochemistry, and perceptual psychology.

I am also interested in building broader collaborative networks that bridge digital practitioners and domain researchers. I run the Visualization Reading Group and am a co-coordinator and founding member of the Digital Humanities Research Network. Both efforts aim to create a sustained dialog between diverse groups of researchers across the University campus.

Outside of work, I play hockey, volleyball, and golf and enjoy rock climbing, hiking, art history, and spending time with my husband (Dan Szafir) and our three cats.

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News & Updates

07.2015: Successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation on applications of color to support data analyses at different scales.

06.2015: I will be joining the founding faculty of the CU-Boulder Department of Information Science in the fall!

04.2015: DHRN's DH+A Symposium went beautifully, bringing together over seventy researchers from around the region! Thanks to all involved!

03.2015: Invited lecture on interaction for visualization.

02.2015: Reprising IPC duties for BioVis 2015.

02.2015: Interview travel has begun! Excited to see what the coming months hold.

12.2014: At Umeå University's Genres of Scholarly Knowledge Production to talk about visualization in the humanities.

11.2014: Received the Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab's Best Student Paper Award at CIC22 for "Adapting Color Difference for Design"(w. Stone and Gleicher).

10.2014: Ran the DHRN "How to Think About Data" workshop.

10.2014: Received Honorable Mention at the McPherson Eye Research Institute Best Student Presentation Competition for my work in lightness constancy for surface visualization.

10.2014: Gave a talk on perception and visualization at the McPherson Eye Institute's MERI at a Glance Symposium.

09.2014: "Navigating Reductionism and Holism in Evaluation" (w. Correll, Alexander, Sarikaya, and Gleicher) accepted to the 2014 BELIV workshop.

09.2014: Inaugural Digital Humanities Research Network workshop meeting.

07.2014: Two papers accepted to CIC22: "Adapting Color Difference for Design" (w. Stone and Gleicher), and "An Engineering Model for Color Discriminability as a Function of Size" (w. Stone and Setlur).

05.2014: Presented "Ensemble Processing of Color and Shape: Beyond Mean Judgments" (w. Correll, Gleicher, and Franconeri) at VSS 2014.

05.2014: Received A.W. Mellon Workshop grant to start the Digital Humanities Research Network (w. DeRose, Steenson, Alexander, Armstrong, Burkert, Easter, Stommel, and Vareschi).


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