4140a WID

330 North Orchard St.

Madison, WI 53715

I am a graduate student in the Computer Vision Group at UW-Madison advised by Prof. Mohit Gupta. My current work is in 3D imaging with time of flight cameras. I am currently working on the design and implementation of new coding functions for time of flight imaging that reliably perform in low SNR scenarios.

In general, I am interested in both the theory of imaging systems and in the co-design of software and hardware required to implement such systems. My work and graduate studies have primarily focused on the fields of computational imaging/photography/optics, image processing, computer vision, and machine learning.

I did my undergraduate studies at UW-Madison where I graduated from the AMEP and Computer Sciences programs. During my undergraduate I worked with Prof. Vikas Singh on the statistical analysis of brain images, and with Prof. Dan Negrut on high performance computing applied to fluid simulations.

Here is my CV.