About Licensed To Cool:

I built this site because there aren't any exhaustive websites dedicated to The Nips. I hope you enjoy it. Feel fee to email me: admin(AT)thenips.com if you have any questions, suggestions, or can contribute anything.

Many Thanks To:
Christian Ahern
Ron Comley
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Ciaran Murphy
Chris Martel
Juergen Schmitz
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Shanne Bradley
Andrew Screen
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Why doesn't the site work in my browser? I'm trying to make this site work in all/most browsers. If you like, you can email me and let me know what browser and version you have and describe the problem. I can't guarantee I'll be able to do anything about it, but I'd like to know. In general, it helps if you have Javascript, Style sheets, and frames enabled. Older browsers might not work properly either.

Licensed To Cool is best viewed in what browser? Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. The cool spinning gun is only available in IE for now. However, I have tested the site in the following browsers with Javascript and style sheets enabled and it works fine: Firefox 1.0, Mozilla 1.6 (5), Opera 7, and Netscape 7.1.

What can I contribute? I'd be very happy to receive any pictures, news articles, fanzines, or any other information I don't already have on the site. Please email me! I'm missing a few things in the discography, see "Gabrielle", and I'd like to get guitar tabs for each Nips song, as well as help with the lyrics.

Who are you? A Nips/Pogues/Shane fan and collector. Who are you? Email me and tell me about your Nips experiences!