The Nips / Nipple Erectors Discography:

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7" singles:

pics from the 7' The Nipple Erectors - KING OF THE BOP
UK June 1978 Soho Records SH 1/2
Producer: Stan Brennan

King Of The Bop / Nervous Wreck
Notes: There is also a glossy sleeve original pressing, of which only 500-1000 copies were made.

pics from the 7' The Nips - ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD
UK August 1978 Soho Records SH 4
Producer: Stan Brennan

All The Time In The World / Private Eye
Notes: Open-up sleeve. The sleeves were underprinted, and many come without a picture sleeve, and in a plain white one instead.

pics from the 7' The Nips - GABRIELLE
UK November 1979 Chiswick Records CHIS 119
Producer: Stan Brennan

Gabrielle / Vengeance
Notes: Also released:
  • UK October 1979 Soho Records SH 9 version, without picture sleeve. Also limited 'Licensed To Cool' stamped sleeve copies. The Soho version was released just before the Chiswick version. It is often designated as a "tour copy".
  • UK 1979 Chiswick CHIS 119-A-DJ DJ copy. B-side is normal, A-side is DJ version*.
  • UK 1979 Chiswick CHIS 119 black label test pressing.
  • UK 1979 Chiswick CHIS 119 miss-pressing. A-side has no label and DJ version of 'Gabrielle'. B-side and sleeve are normal.
  • UK 1979 Chiswick miss-pressing. Chiswich company sleeve and "The Damned - I Just Can't Be Happy Today" CHIS 120 labels, but plays CHIS 119!
  • Germany 1979 Chiswick 0037.067 with paper sleeve. Some copies with press release (scan wanted of press release!)
  • Spain 1979 Chiswick 02.1460/7 with textured sleeve.
  • Australia 1979 Chiswick CHIS 197 on EMI records.
    Rumors: There are rumors that a French pressing, and colored vinyl versions of the German pressing exist, but these are unconfirmed. If you have any info, please email me!
    Some people claim there were only 100-200 copies made of the 1980 Soho pressing, but this is UNTRUE! It is not that rare! It may be true that only 100 or so copies came with the "Licensed To Cool" stamp.
    *The DJ version of 'Gabrielle' is about 40 seconds shorter, and fades out early.

  • pics from the 7' The Nips - HAPPY SONG
    UK October 1981 Test Pressing Records TP 5
    Producer: Paul Weller

    Happy Song / Nobody To Love
    Notes: Only released as a test pressing by the Test Pressings label under Burning Rome Records. Very rare.

    pics from the 7' The Nipple Erectors - THE LOST EP
    UK 2002 unknown record company
    unofficial release

    So Pissed Off / Stavordale RD, N5
    Notes: An unofficial record that claims to be a fan club release. Poor quality graphics, plain orange labels, and the catalog number is scratched off the record.

    pics from the 7' Acetates / Test Pressings:

    Pictured here is an acetate 7" for the "All The Time In The World" single. There are probably acetates for all the singles and LPs, but they are very rare. Usually 5 or less are made. Test pressings might also exist for any of the 7" singles and LPs, although the only one I have seen is for "Gabrielle" (see above).

    pics from the 7' Signed Items:

    Pictured here is a Soho release "Gabrielle" 7" signed "Shane O'Hooligan", "Lots of Love, Shanne", "Gavin Douglas", and "Roger Williams (Ringo Watts)".