The Nips / Nipple Erectors Discography:

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pics from the LP' The Nips - ONLY THE END OF THE BEGINNING
UK October 1980 Soho Records HO HO 001
Recorded live in March 1980 at Wolverhampton.
43 minutes.
Love To Make You Cry / Vengeance / Gabrielle / King Of The Bop / Fuss 'N' Bother / Ghostown / Venus In Bother Boots / Happy Song / Stupid Cow / I Don't Want Nobody To Love / Infatuation / Maida Aida / Hit Parade / Can't Say No

Notes: There are many versions of the original release. One sometimes called a "test pressing" has blank white labels, another has black stamped labels, another has red stamped labels, and finally there are blue stamped labels! (better scan wanted!). There are also LPs with a combination of the label variations! Some come in a white sleeve with the cover photo glued to the front. With others, the cover photo is included separately. Finally, not all of the white sleeves are completely blank. Some sleeves feature "THE NIPS", "fourteen yob classics!" printed in black on the front!
Also Released: There is also an unofficial 2001 repressing with the same HO HO 001 catalog number. It's cover is printed directly on the sleeve, and it features a negative image on the back and detailed information on the labels.

pics from the LP' Nips 'n' Nipple Erectors - BOPS BABES BOOZE & BOVVER
UK December 1987 Big Beat Records WIKM 66
Compilation LP including three singles and two previously unreleased songs.
King Of The Bop / Nervous Wreck / So Pissed Off / Stavordale RD, N5 / All The Time In The World / Private Eye / Gabrielle / Vengeance

Notes: Phil Gaston writes an introduction on the back. There is also a white label test pressing (scan wanted), and a West German release, which has a darker sleeve and says "Made in West Germany" under the Big Beat logo on the back.

pics from the LP' The Nips - THE TITS OF SOHO
UK 2000 Bovver Boot Company BB-ST-8247
Compilation LP including all 10 studio recordings and 6 live songs from the Only The End... LP.
King Of The Bop / Nervous Wreck / So Pissed Off / Stavordale RD, N5 / All The Time In The World / Private Eye / Gabrielle / Vengeance / Happy Song / I Don't Want Nobody To Love / Ghostown / Fuss 'N' Bother / Venus In Bother Boots / Stupid Cow / Infatuation / Maida Aida

Notes: There are many label/vinyl color versions of this LP. There are green labels (pictured above with the sleeve), and blue labels. There is also a heavy 180 gram vinyl version of the blue label, and a white vinyl with blue labels release (100 copies). It is said that 1000 copies of each black vinyl version were made. Is there a 180 gram green label version? If you know of one, let me know!