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A good description of what I actually do is difficult to impossible to create. The best summary is that I roll around like a loose cannon on the deck of a ship, fixing this, creating that, and generally leaving havoc in my wake :-)

What I do is so varied and voluminous that I typically don't have time to leave a trail of bread crumbs for myself, or tell others about what I've done. That creates a big problem ... all this work doesn't have any information about WHY it that way, or what to do with it.

I've created these notes so that I can keep track of what I've done. This will help ms determine approximately what I did, and to aide others who may be affected by it. This is a good place to look before you ask questions.

Table of Contents

Random Notes on Software Tools and Compilation

Network Surveyor Project

CS Parallel Machines and Bolo's Parallelism Tools

Items to Document

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