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OK, it's not a traditional weblog with content maintenance software. What it is are pointers to updates that I've made to my web pages so you or I can look at changes as they occur.

I was happy with my web pages until I visited Erica Olsen's Librarian Avengers web pages and found my own lacking. She is a very nice and fun gal, who I met briefly at Confusion in 2006. Web page envy!

I don't often bother with newer software. The limitations and amount of time to take care of the wonderware is more than I have to spend. The Catch-22 is that maybe the content management software would let me spend more time writing entries. So, this experiment to see if I like it or not. If I like it, I'll put something together or consider something like a Wiki or other content management.

The links in here point to the current version of a page, even if it has been improved or moved from an earlier date.

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Sun Jul 16 11:37:22 CDT 2006

OK, so my idea for the web log hasn't been working out that well. The smaller changes I don't seem to bother with, and I haven't had time for larger changes (lots to write) that would show up here. Perhaps I need to do some automation with CVS/RCS/whatever to identify changes and automagically insert them in the log.

Tue Feb 21 20:04:43 CST 2006

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