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`Doubt is the beginning of science'

In this connection, have a look at this NAS brochure: Science, Evolution and Creationism and, if you are a scientist, have a look at the article The truth wears off; if you are interested in whether the United States of America was founded as a christian nation, read Article 11 of the the treaty with Tripoli of 1797. Also relevant is Albert Einstein's exhortation, in "Das Land Goethes 1914-16": Ehret Euren Meister Jesus Christus nicht nur mit Worten und Gesängen, sondern vor allem durch Eure Taten. Finally, here is Bronowski's defense of science.

Carl de Boor, Professor emeritus, Computer Sciences and Mathematics..

Department of Computer Sciences (and Department of Mathematics . .
University of Wisconsin - Madison (a major research university now over 150 years old)
1210 West Dayton Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1685 USA
) . . .

Preferred mailing address: 81 Caprice Lane, POB 1076, WA 98245.

Office hours (at 5393 CS+Stat, when in town): none whatsoever, but you can always try email.

email: d e b o o r at c s dot w i s c dot e d u (private: c r d e b o o r at g m a i l dot c o m)
telephone: (360) 376-4882
Fax: ditto

cv. For a very complimentary overview, see SIAM News,Vol. 38(4), 2005, 1--2 (Thank you, Ron and Amos!)

Iso Schoenberg, the father of splines, worked here in Madison, from 1966 until his death in 1990.

No schedule.

I am done teaching.

Look for my former students.


Selected recent (and not so recent) articles on approximation theory written at UW (or elsewhere) are available by anonymous ftp from Here is a clickable list of the various files there, along with various sublists, organized by author, topic, or year (it's a clickable version of the AAA_readme file there). E.g., here is the (small) subset of these (co)authored by me. Here is one view of my publications, from MathSciNet.


Check out the latest versions of the various programs and drivers in that last book.

There is information about multivariate polynomial interpolation.

Click Journal of Approximation Theory (JAT) (published by Academic Press , now part of Elsevier) for information about that journal (including recently accepted and published papers) as well as for email and postal addresses of many approximators and much, much more. Search their tables of content, singly or combined, (and thank Paul Nevai for this handy tool). Ditto for Constructive Approximation (published by Springer-Verlag ( ) which publishes many other journals). Ditto for East Journal on Approximations and for Jaén Journal on Approximation. There is also the Approximation Theory webpage run by Paul Nevai, there is Approximation down under, and the at-net for Approximation all over, and Amos Ron 's list of homepages of approximators et al . Finally, there is an introduction to AT, also the historical view, and the over-view. AT may eventually be even here. There is also Stefano Di Marchi and Marco Vianello's Padova-Verona group.

A spline bibliography is available, as is the picture of a draftman's spline, as well as of a Boeing draftsman using such a spline. Have a look at Richard Fuhr's handy app for playing with (parametric) cubic spline curves in Bézier and in B-spline form.

For links to various publishers, journals, people, resources, see the Ilas Information Center (IIC). Another good source is EMIS, the European Mathematical Information Service, as is World Digital Mathematics Library (WDML).

For an organized introduction into the joys of vi, see viva_vi!(version 23mar01). There are also on-screen tutorials, as well as the whole world of vi, and, in particular, Bill Joy's very own Introduction to Display Editing with vi. Want a laugh?

Useful information about html. There is, in particular, a complete list of the available special characters, --except that, meanwhile, there is a much more complete list.

For a very unusual and ever-changing home page, try David Griffeath's Primordial Soup Kitchen.

Are you doing sudoku and matlab? Then try sudokon.

For various interesting information, see odds and ends, and thank Allan Pinkus at or Paul Nevai if you find any of it useful.


Check here for information about MATH 443, MATH/CS 885, MATH 887, CS412, CS514, CS717 .

Prautzsch' box spline article

a 40min summary of a redtailed hawk couple producing three offspring on a ledge of Weeks Hall at the uwisc campus.


Meetings of current interest to me :
  • Texas XIV San Antonio TX, 7-10apr13
  • ICATA City University of Hong Kong, 20-24may13
  • MAIA 2013 at Erice, 25-30sep13 (Slides of some of the talks)


    AAAS, AvHAA , NAE, Purdue, SIAM, NAS, Leopoldina, IMPAN, Technion, National Medal of Science, group photo SIAM fellow, John Gregory Memorial award (pictures).

    The Szegö bust now stands here . Have a look at the inscription . Also, learn more about BWV, about Erdös, or about Glenn Gould .