DEVise: an Environment for Data Exploration and Visualization

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DEVise (Data Exploration and Visualization) is a data exploration system that allows users to easily develop, browse, and share visual presentations of large tabular datasets (possibly containing or referencing multimedia objects) from several sources.

Our emphasis is on developing an intuitive yet powerful set of querying and visualization primitives that can be easily combined to develop a rich set of visual presentations that integrate data from a wide range of application domains.

The DEVise JavaScreen

DEVise JavaScreen

The DEVise JavaScreen is a Java applet that allows much of the functionality of DEVise to be accessed via the Internet. Click here to see some applications of the JavaScreen and try it out for yourself.

Four Steps from Data to Visualization

Click here to find out how to import and visualize data in DEVise.


These features distinguish DEVise from other visualization environments:


Check out the following examples for some cool pictures, and a quick introduction to what DEVise can do.

In Depth

For a detailed description of DEVise:


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Release Information

The most current released version of DEVise is version 1.11.0.

If you're a University of Wisconsin Computer Sciences user, or someone else with access to the /afs/ AFS cell you can run DEVise 1.11.0 from /p/devise/release.

To run DEVise 1.11.0 from /p/devise/release click here.

If you don't have access to /afs/, you need to download DEVise to run it.

DEVise 1.11.0 executables are available for the following architectures:

To download DEVise click here.


Here is a copy of the DEVise documentation (in PostScript). (Note that this documentation is not fully up-to-date.)


For more information on this research project, contact Miron Livny or Kent Wenger.

User Support Hotline

Send mail to the DEVise User Support Hotline.

DEVise People

Here's a list of people who are working on DEVise or have worked on DEVise.


This project is supported in part by NSF grant IIS-9802882.

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