Human, Animal, and Machine Learning: Experiment and Theory

From 2008 there is an interdisciplinary proseminar series Human Animal Machine Learning: Experiments and Theory (HAMLET) at University of Wisconsin-Madison. The goal is to provide students from different departments with a common grounding in the learning sciences. Guest speakers give a talk each week, followed by discussions. It has been an outlet for fresh research results from various projects. It has 20-30 regular faculty and graduate student participants from Computer Sciences, ECE, Psychology, Educational Psychology and other parts of the campus. Multiple federal research grants and publications at top machine learning and cognitive psychology venues have resulted from the interactions of HAMLET participants.


Fridays 3:45 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Berkowitz room (338 psychology) unless otherwise noted

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Fall 2017 Schedule:

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Martha Alibali (martha.alibali@wisc.edu), Tim Rogers (ttrogers@wisc.edu), Jerry Zhu (jerryzhu@cs.wisc.edu)