Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CS540, Fall 2023
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Office Hour Guidelines

  • Instructor Office Hours (also in the Google calendar below):
    • Jerry Zhu: Wednesday 2:30-3:30pm CS 5381
    • Yudong Chen: Tuesday 11-12pm CS 5373
    • Yingyu Liang: Thursday 2-3pm CS 5387
  • TA and PM office hours are in the Google calendar.
  • TA Office hours should be used for conceptual and high-level questions. TA Office Hours are open to everyone unless someone specifically asks for a private meeting.
  • PM Office Hours should be used for programming related questions or moderate conceptual questions. PMs will hold office hours online or in CS building room 1289. Online hours will begin with "Online" in the calendar. Please check the detailed description of the marked online hours for the guideline of the online office (the details may be different for different PMs and can change over time)
  • If there are more students in the queue, TA/PMs can limit each student to 10 mins. After which you can join the queue again by putting your name at the end of the queue.

Note: These guidelines can be changed at any time.

Office Hour Calendar