CS540 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CS540, Fall 2023
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Schedule (Subject to Change)

Slides are initially from previous semesters. Updated slides will be uploaded the week they are covered.

Date Topic Reading materials Assignments
Sept 7 Welcome and Course Overview Python Crash Course (self-study), Slides
Sept 12 Probability Slides HW 1 Released
Sept 14 Statistics and Math Review Slides
Sept 19 Linear Algebra and PCA Slides HW 1 Due, HW 2 Released
Sept 21 Introduction to Logic Slides
Sept 26 Natural Language Processing (NLP) Slides HW 2 Due, HW 3 Released
Sept 28 Finish NLP; Machine Learning: Introduction Slides
Oct 3 Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning I Slides HW 3 Due, HW 4 Released
Oct 5 Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning II Slides
Oct 10 Machine Learning: Linear Regression Slides HW 4 Due, HW 5 Released
Oct 12 Machine Learning: K-Nearest Neighbors & Naive Bayes Slides, Extended reading on MLE and Naive Bayes
Oct 17 Machine Learning: Neural Network I (Perceptron) Slides HW 5 Due, HW 6 Released
Oct 19 Machine Learning: Neural Network II Slides
Oct 24 Machine Learning: Neural Network II (Calc review and Training) Slides
Oct 26 Machine Learning: Neural Network III Slides
Oct 31 Machine Learning: Deep Learning I Slides HW 6 Due, HW 7 Released
MIDTERM EXAM Wed Nov 1, 5:45-7:15PM
Nov 2 Ethics and Trust in AI Slides
Nov 7 Machine Learning: Deep Learning II Slides
Nov 9 Review and discussion on Neural Networks and Deep Learning Slides
Nov 14 Search I: Un-Informed search Slides
Nov 16 Search II: Informed Search Slides HW7 Due; HW8 Released
Nov 21 Search III: Informed Search Continued Slides
Thanksgiving Break, Nov 23 -- 26
Nov 28 Games - Part I Slides HW8 Due; HW9 Released
Nov 30 Games - Part II Slides
Dec 5 Reinforcement Learning I Slides HW9 Due; HW10 Released
Dec 7 Reinforcement Learning II Slides
Dec 12 Advanced Search Slides HW10 Due
FINAL EXAM: Mon Dec 18, 5:05pm -- 7:05pm
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