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Contact Information
Leonidas Galanis
e-mail: lgalanis at cs wisc edu

I worked with Prof. David DeWitt on distributed query processing in peer-to-peer environments. I have also worked as a member of the Niagara project.

Now I am working in the Server Manageability group at Oracle USA in Redwood Shores, CA.


  • September 1998 - July 2004 : Graduate Student, Ph.D. in Computer Sciences, July 2004.
    M.Sc. in Computer Sciences, December 1999, Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin - Madison.
  • September 1993 - June 1998: Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.Eng.), Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, National Technical University of Athens. Diploma Thesis advisor: Timos Sellis
  • Publications

  • Scalable Distributed Aggregate Computations through Collaboration. DEXA 2005
    L. Galanis, D. J. DeWitt.
  • Locating Data Sources in Large Distributed Systems. VLDB 2003.
    L. Galanis, Y. Wang, S. R. Jeffery, D. J. DeWitt.
  • Processing Queries in a Large Peer-to-Peer System. CAiSE 2003.
    L. Galanis, Y. Wang, S. R. Jeffery, D. J. DeWitt.
  • Mixed Mode XML Query Processing. VLDB 2003.
    A. Halverson, J. Burger, L. Galanis, A. Kini, R. Krishnamurthy, A. N. Rao, F. Tian, S. Viglas, Y. Wang, J. F. Naughton, D. J. DeWitt.
  • Putting XML Algebras into Context. Submitted for publication
    S. Viglas, L. Galanis, D. J. DeWitt, J. F. Naughton, D. Maier
  • The Niagara Internet Query System. IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin 24(2): 27-33 (2001)
    J. F. Naughton, D. J. DeWitt, D. Maier et al.
  • Computer Sciences Department
    University of Wisconsin - Madison