Ming Liu

I have been involved in building the following hardware testbeds in the past.

MadRacks Cluster@Wisconsin (2022-Present)

The MadRacks Cluster targets infrastructure composability. It exhibits drastic system heterogeneity from both compute and interconnect perspectives. We built it to enable hardware resource pooling and sharing. The testbed is under active construction.

CloudLab3@Wisconsin (2021–Present)

CloudLab is a public testbed for researchers to build cloud-scale systems and experiment with new architectures. The CloudLab3 extension at the Wisconsin site focuses on two scenarios: GPU computing and storage disaggregation. More…

Hometown Cluster@Washington (2018–2021)

The hometown cluster is an experimental testbed focused on exploring programmable networks. We built it to (a) support different programmable networking devices and (b) enable flexible in-network computing systems development. More…