This is an unofficial site dedicated to The Nips
(AKA The Nipple Erectors)

The Nips were a band that played in and around London between 1977 and 1980, best known for their unique musical blend, attitude, and sense of humor. They've been labeled as punk, rockabilly, mod, R&B, ted, indie, and many other things, none of which completely describe who they were. This site is an attempt to capture their story.

---- NEWS ----
  • See a pic of Shanne with Shane at the recent Pogues reunion in the Gallery!
  • Read Gavin Douglas' bio in the Biography section!
  • Gavin Douglas mp3s - check out the Multimedia section!
  • So many label variations... see "Only The End..." LP in Discography.
  • Now 168 photos in the five-part Gallery!
  • Please send guitar and bass tabs for any Nips songs my way, I'd like to put them up on the site.

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