Computer Sciences Dept.

Swetha Krishnan

Current Research

I'm working as a Research Assistant as a part of the ADSL Group (ADVanced Systems Laboratory), led by Prof. Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau and Prof. Andrea Arpaci-Dussea. I'm working on studying Network File System (NFS) failure behaviour, specifically how NFS reacts to network failures such as packet drops and delays.

Projects Done

1) Factorization of Device Driver Code between Kernel and User Spaces (Jan - May 2006) [pdf]
This project involved 'splitting' device driver code - retain the performance critical code in the kernel and move the less performance sensitive, infrequently used code to the user space to help improve robustness without sacrificing performance.Done as a part of CS 736 Advanced Operating Systems Course during Spring 2006.

2) Binary-Encoded Attribute Pairing for Database Compression (Jan - May 2006) [pdf]
We devised and implemented bitwise encoding based on distinct attribute values to represent the data in the columns (attributes) of a database. The scheme further encodes the resulting columns 'in pairs' at each stage of compression. Done as a part of CS 764 Topics in Database Management Systems during Spring 2006.

3) Event Tracker: A service that monitors the timely occurence of events
A tool to provide monitoring of events(any process/cron job) based on their scheduled times and estimated durations. If events occur before or after anticipated times beyond stated thresholds, the tool triggers alarms as configured. Done as summer intern project at

3) Simulation of an RFID Platform on Network Simulator NS-2 (Aug - Dec 2005) [pdf]
We developed an RFID System emulation using the wireless extensions of NS-2 as a base and revamping it to work according to the RFID Protocol Standards (including the Singulation algorithm) as specified by EPC Global. Used the RFID platform created to study Load Balancing in RFID systems. Done as a part of CS 740 Advanced Computer Networks Course during Fall 2005.

2) Implementation of Virtual Load Store Queues on Sim-Alpha (Aug - Dec 2005)
Done as a part of CS 752 Advanced Computer Architecture Course during Fall 2005 semester.
Project Guide : Prof. Jim Smith

3) Digital Multimedia Broadcasting - Printcast (Jan - June 2005)
Done during Practice School -II (a one-semester internship) at Hewlett Packard Labs, Bangalore, India.
Project Guide : Mr. Ajay Gupta , Director,HP Labs India and Director, Mobility Solutions Group.

4)Application of Soft Computing Techniques to Cache Replacement Algorithms for Caching on the World Wide Web. (Jan - April 2004)
Project Guide: Mr. T.S.B. Sudarshan, CS & IS Faculty, BITS, Pilani

5) Multi-Resolution Image Analysis and Image Compression Using Wavelets (May - July 2003)
Done during Practice School - I at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay (Mumbai, India)
Project Guide: Mr. J.K. Mukherjee, Head, Advanced Robotics Lab, BARC.

6) Survivable Networks: Active and Backup Path Computation (Aug - Dec 2004)
Project Guide: Mr. Chittaranjan Hota, CS & IS Faculty, BITS, Pilani.

7) Face Recognition(Aug - Dec 2004)
Project Guide: Dr. R. R. Mishra, Group Leader, Physics Group, BITS, and Pilani.

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