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Lille and Douai

april 28th 2002 001.jpg (22358 bytes)Pierre-Antoine's view 1.jpg (35692 bytes)Pierre-Antoine's view 2.jpg (38372 bytes) This is view from my friend Pierre-Antoine's Apartment in Lille.

Pierre-Antoine playing the piano.jpg (30676 bytes) Pierre-Antoine playing the piano at Coraline's house.

Paul, Pierre-Antoine and I in Belgium.jpg (56425 bytes) Another visit to Belgium.

Pierre-Antoine playing in his marching Band.jpg (55870 bytes)Pierre-Antoine and his trombone.jpg (30845 bytes)memorial for WWII.jpg (55604 bytes) Pierre-Antoine played in marching band concert for deportation memorial.


Aix-en-Provence, France

fountain in Aix 1.jpg (44620 bytes)Fountain in Aix 2.jpg (40023 bytes)Fountain in Aix 3.jpg (36095 bytes)Fountain in Aix 4.jpg (44031 bytes) It's a city of fountains. So here are a few.

Garden in Aix.jpg (45016 bytes)Shasta.jpg (80001 bytes)Southern French House.jpg (64364 bytes) And some beautiful gardens.

Me in Aix.jpg (32152 bytes) Me in Aix.


Daytrip to Cassis, France

Panoramic of Cassis.jpg (49908 bytes) The city of Cassis, it's a little fishing town.

Beach of Cassis.jpg (33734 bytes)Southern French Coastline.jpg (37858 bytes) The beach of Cassis, and the Mediterranean sea.

Calanques 1.jpg (61584 bytes) There are a series of Calanques in southern France. They are a little sheltered coves. this is the first of three that I visited while hiking through the hills.

Calanques 2.jpg (36500 bytes)May 6th 2002 024.jpg (45061 bytes)May 6th 2002 025.jpg (47105 bytes)Me in a Calanques.jpg (41718 bytes)A boat in the Calanques.jpg (34474 bytes) Calanques number 2.

Rocky coastline.jpg (43006 bytes)Calanques 3.jpg (48788 bytes)Hidden beach.jpg (45772 bytes)My by anouther Calanques.jpg (62456 bytes) Calanques number 3.


Daytrip to Marseille

Marsaille.jpg (44679 bytes)islands off of coast.jpg (37247 bytes) Views of the city and the coast.

Protests in Marsaille.jpg (59769 bytes)May 6th 2002 033.jpg (55262 bytes) With the French elections going on, there were some big protests in the city. The news said 30,000 people were there that day.

Me in Marsaille.jpg (42214 bytes)Panoramic of Marsaille port.jpg (30443 bytes) More views of the city and the forts protecting the port.

Suken ship.jpg (14720 bytes) A sunken ship.


Paris for two hours

Paris - Eiffel Tower.jpg (39200 bytes)Paris - Notre Dame.jpg (34611 bytes)Paris - Notre Dame 2.jpg (42984 bytes)Paris - Hotel de Ville.jpg (55519 bytes)Paris - Metropolitan.jpg (45904 bytes) With 2 hours to change trains, I rain around Paris and took some pictures. Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, Notre Dame close up, Hotel de Ville, and the Metropolitan station.


Germany - Tubingen, Esselingen & Stuttgart

Tubingen, Germany.jpg (54762 bytes)Building in Tubingen.jpg (31538 bytes) The town of Tubingen. Patrizia's University is here.

Esselingen.jpg (38214 bytes) The town of Esselingen.

TV Tower of Stuttgart.jpg (29085 bytes)View of Stuttgart.jpg (22509 bytes)Patrizia and I.jpg (29746 bytes) A TV tower in Stuttgart, from which you can see the whole area. Also a picture of Patrizia and I.

New Castle in Stuttgart.jpg (35704 bytes)Patrizia and I in Stuttgart.jpg (48369 bytes) In Stuttgart near the New Castle. Another picture of Patrizia and I.

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