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A drink at a cafe.jpeg (37961 bytes) A night out in Douai. Those are .5 L of Hoegaarden, a white beer.


Bruges, Belgium

French friends in Bruge.jpeg (24874 bytes) Coraline, Pierre-Antoine, Evariste, and Paul.

Tower in Bruges Belgium.jpg (15183 bytes)Buildings in Bruges.jpeg (39350 bytes) Some of the buildings in Bruges. This area is dominated by Flemish architecture.

The guys in Bruges.jpeg (44225 bytes)Pierre-Antoine, Evariste, Coraline and I in Brugges.jpg (42002 bytes) Pictures of us around Bruges.

Coraline and I.jpeg (39373 bytes)Evariste and Coraline on Canal tour.jpg (15342 bytes) We went on a canal tour of the city. Coraline and Evariste


Ostend, Belgium

Sitting in the back of the Car.jpg (38649 bytes)Sunset in Ostend.jpeg (15187 bytes) On the coast of Belgium we raced for the sunset and made it just in time.


A drink out with a friend

Paul and I.jpg (25538 bytes) Paul and I at a traditional pub of the area.


Vincy, France - Canadian WWI Memorial.

Canadian Memorial in Vincy France.jpg (10769 bytes)Norhtern France landscape.jpg (19840 bytes)Paul, Coraline at memorial.jpeg (14708 bytes) The site of a large battle during WWI. Vincy still holds the scares and unexploded bombs left over from the war. This was a memorial to all the Canadians who fought and died in the war.

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