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Rome, Italy

Marissa, Jenny, Emily Erica.jpg (18843 bytes) We have arrived in Rome. Marissa, Jenny, Emily and Erica pictured.

Arwen and I at the Vatican.jpeg (40427 bytes)Vatican City - St. Peter's Basillica.jpg (39160 bytes)Vatican city.jpg (26430 bytes)Vatican City 2.jpg (25441 bytes) It is the Vatican City and St. Peter's Basilica.

Marissa Arwen Roman forums.jpeg (25051 bytes)Marissa, Lauren, Tim Forums.jpg (30508 bytes)Roman Forums.jpg (33936 bytes)Arwen in Rome.jpeg (22428 bytes) The Roman Forums.

Colosium.jpeg (37400 bytes)In the Colosium.jpeg (14880 bytes) The Coliseum.

Memorial in Rome, Italy.jpg (28908 bytes)Rome perspective.jpg (17070 bytes) The Monument to the first king of United Italy.

Trevie fountain.jpg (33245 bytes)Make a wish.jpeg (19365 bytes) Treve fountain. Make a wish.


Venice, Italy

Venice Grand Canal.jpg (23436 bytes)Gondolas on Grand Canal 2.jpg (13693 bytes)Gondolas on Grand Canal.jpg (25238 bytes)Venice Grand Canal 2.jpg (16159 bytes) The Grand Canal of Venice.

Gondola in Venice.jpeg (32701 bytes) Jenny, Emily, Erica and I took a Gondola ride.

Rialto Bridge.jpg (36406 bytes) The Rialto Bridge.

Jenny Erica and I in Venice.jpg (24327 bytes) Jenny, Erica and I with the Grand Canal behind us.

Lauren and Marissa.jpg (16228 bytes) A little Venetian fun.

San Marco Basillica.jpg (34417 bytes)San Marco Basillica Bell Tower.jpg (13913 bytes) San Marco and its bell tower.

Boat parade.jpg (38916 bytes) A boat parade through the city.

Venice Train Station.jpg (20265 bytes) Waiting at the Venice Train station.


Florence, Italy

Florence Doumo.jpg (22608 bytes) The Doumo in Florence. Made from three different types of Marble.

Stadium in Athens.jpg (32089 bytes) A view of the city of Florence from the top of the Doumo.

The Group in Florence.jpeg (30644 bytes) Jenny, Lauren, Arwen, Myself, Marissa and Emily on top of the Doumo.

Uffizi in Florence.jpg (16729 bytes) The Uffizi Museum.

Bridge in Florence.jpg (28007 bytes) The Ponte Vecchio Bridge.

Fountain in Florence Gardens.jpg (18165 bytes) In one of the Gardens of Florence.


Pisa, Italy

Tower of Pisa 2.jpg (22334 bytes)Tower of Pisa.jpg (18768 bytes)Lauren and I in pisa.jpeg (18010 bytes) Known primary just for its leaning tower, so here it is. Also picture is Lauren and I.


Athens, Greece

In front of the Acropolis.jpeg (29554 bytes)Athens 2.jpg (31496 bytes)Myself in Athens.jpeg (42627 bytes)On the Akropolis.jpg (30594 bytes) Views of the Acropolis and surrounding ruins.

Me on the Akropolis.jpg (36498 bytes) The Parthenon on top of the Acropolis.

View of Athens.jpg (26336 bytes)Athens 1.jpg (20707 bytes) Views of Athens. A little Smoggy.

Carnival in Greece.jpg (26043 bytes)Carnival time in Greece.jpeg (29126 bytes)Little Girl fron Athens Carnival.jpg (12502 bytes) Carnival time in Greece!! Being that it wasn't lent yet in Greece it was party time.

Greek Parliment Building.jpg (25200 bytes)Greek Official Guard.jpg (22432 bytes) The Parliament building in Athens and the guard.

Greek Isle.jpg (17616 bytes)Myself in the Greek isles.jpeg (39906 bytes) We went on a 3 island tour of Greece. They all looked pretty much like this, beautiful.


Rome by Air

Rome from the Air.jpg (36225 bytes) On my way back to London, I passed over Rome on more time. You could see everything It was amazing.

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