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Day 1 Dublin - Wexford - Cork - Blarney

Irish Landscape 2.jpg (28091 bytes)Ireland 1.jpg (18296 bytes)Ireland Landscape.jpg (24293 bytes) The Beautiful Irish Countryside.

Ireland april11-14 003.jpg (26178 bytes)Ireland april11-14 007.jpg (43812 bytes)Me on a Beach in Ireland.jpg (24112 bytes) Photo stop number one of many, many more.

Irish and English Sign.jpg (17898 bytes) In Ireland the people speak both English and Irish Gaelic. So most signs are posted in both, or at least in Gaelic.

Steps on a Beach.jpg (23719 bytes)Photo Stop.jpg (28812 bytes)Rocks on the beach.jpg (36188 bytes) Some rocky beach pictures.


Day 2 - Blarney - Killarney - Dingle - Limerick - Portlaoise

Blarney seen from B&B.jpg (28780 bytes)panaramic Ireland BandB 1 (Large).JPG (42305 bytes)Ireland april11-14 018.jpg (47721 bytes) In Blarney we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast, from where you can see the whole town of Blarney.

Blarney Castle b&W.jpg (18262 bytes)Blarney Castle.jpg (30401 bytes)Close up of Blarney Castle.jpg (26268 bytes) Blarney Castle.

Adam, James and I in front of Blarney Castle.jpg (46229 bytes)Badger Cave.jpg (38067 bytes) They guys by the Castle and Badgers Cave.

Kissing the Blarney Stone.jpg (34030 bytes)Ireland april11-14 037.jpg (45869 bytes) Me kissing the Blarney stone at the top of the castle.

Ireland april11-14 027.jpg (53287 bytes)Ireland april11-14 026.jpg (65156 bytes)Carving from 1759.jpg (33051 bytes) Walking around in the Gardens taking pictures and little 18th century graffiti.

Ireland april11-14 049.jpg (24403 bytes)panaramic Ireland picture stop (Large).JPG (24108 bytes) Dan and Aaron in front of a beautiful view.

Irish City.jpg (24024 bytes) On of the many little towns, this is Dingle.

Me on a Beach of Dingle Bay.jpg (21121 bytes)Panaramic Dingle Bay (Large).JPG (27880 bytes)Ireland april11-14 045.jpg (44827 bytes)Photos of the Beach.jpg (19012 bytes) Welcome to Dingle Bay.

A cove on the coastline.jpg (27972 bytes)Irish coast 1.jpg (40951 bytes)Irish coast 2.jpg (41926 bytes)Taking a Break.jpg (32341 bytes) Another beautiful cove along the coast.

Irish Coast.jpg (12132 bytes)Irish Coastline 2.jpg (23038 bytes)Irish Coastline.jpg (16849 bytes) Some coastline shots.


Irish landscape.jpg (28245 bytes)Irish Town.jpg (26180 bytes) A few more little towns.

James, Adam B, Aaron, and Dan on Road trip through Ireland.jpg (29763 bytes) James, Adam, Aaron, and Dan in front of our Opel Astra.

Dan, James, Adam B, Aaron in Ireland.jpg (43036 bytes)Irish Sheep.jpg (20643 bytes)Me in Ireland.jpg (22412 bytes)Me on the Irish coast.jpg (23174 bytes)Dan, James, Adam B, Aaron, and I in Ireland.jpg (17524 bytes) Another photo stop. This time a sheep stayed for the pictures.

Guinness Mar is Gnach.jpg (17918 bytes) Guinness - Mar is Gnach.


Day 3 - Dublin and back to London.

Guinness glasses.jpg (16388 bytes)Guinness Gravity Bar.jpg (28354 bytes)Me at Guinness.jpg (41591 bytes) The Guinness factory. What a cool place, and what a great pint.

Dublin.jpg (25455 bytes) Dublin.

Ireland - No motercycles jumping over cars.jpg (28123 bytes) After walking an hour through the industrial park to get to the ferry port we happened upon this sign. Dan exclaimed that this must be a 'No, motorcycles jumping over cars zone', we all agreed. What a crazy country.

Dublin Ferry Port.jpg (12160 bytes) After a long hike we reached the Dublin Ferry port. So it deserved a picture.

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