VF/VFR History/Specifications/Pictures


400cc VFR series Over 400cc VFR series VF series
82-83 VF400F
84 VF400F
87-88 VFR400R
89-90 VFR400R
91 VFR400R
92 VFR400R
93 VFR400R
94 VFR400R
94-95 RVF400
96-98 RVF400
86-87 VFR700F
86 VFR750F
86-87 VFR700F2
86-87 VFR750F2
87 VFR750R
88-89 VFR750F
89 VFR750R
90 VFR750F
91 VFR750F
92 NR750
92 VFR750F
93 VFR750F
93 RVF750F
94-95 RVF750
96 RVF750
94-97 VFR750F
98-01 VFR800F
2002-2009 VFR800F
2010 VFR1200F
83 VF750F
84-86 VF500F
84-85 VF750F
84-85 VF700F
84 VF1000F
85-86 VF1000R


A resounding THANK YOU to David M. Matthew from the VFR mailing list for compiling most of the information contained in these pages. Without him, and the many list members who contributed this information, these pages would not be nearly as complete as they are today.

Specification information listed are numbers obtained from service manuals and dealer literature, unless otherwise noted. I'm always looking for more information on the bikes not pictured here already, so if you have data listed as "No info" or have a non-copyrighted picture to include, please e-mail it to me.

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