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John P. Morgridge Professor
Gene M. Amdahl Professor of CS

2016 Photo of Mark D. Hill

Academic Ancestors

1000 years of academic ancestors include Copernicus, Erasmus, Leibniz, and two saints: PDF

Link at Mathematics Genealogy Project (ID 82202)

Wisconsin Wisconsin Computer Architecture Affiliates (11/2016)

Mark Hill and Students

Mark Hill with current students Swapnil Haria & Jason Lowe-Power and former students Milo Martin, Derek Hower, Arka Basu, & Luke Yen. Lena Olson and Mike Marty also attended but are not pictured. Click for higher-resolution image.

25 Years at Wisconsin (2/2013)

Mark Hill with Several Ph.D. Graduates

With Several Ph.D. Graduates at Celebration of Mark Hill's 25 Years at Wisconsin: Sarita Adve, Min Xu, Madhu Talluri, Milo Martin Mark Hill, Mike Marty, Shubu Mukherjee, and Jayram Bobba. Mark's new jacket reads: 25 Years of Cache Hits.

Ph.D. Graduates and Academic Posterity

(Over 40 Ph.D.'s and counting!)

Richard E. Kessler, Ph.D. July 1991, Analysis of Multi-Megabyte Secondary CPU Cache Memories (Genealogy), first employment: Cray Research.

Sarita V. Adve, Ph.D. November 1993, Designing Memory Consistency Models for Shared-Memory Multiprocessors (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: Rice University.

  • Vijay S. Pai, Rice 2000, first employment: Rice
    • Yung Ryn Choe, Purdue 2007, first employment: Purdue postdoc
    • Qasim Ali, Purdue 2009 (co-advisor Sam Midkiff), first employment: VMware
    • Gautam Upadhyaya, Purdue 2010 (co-advisor Sam Midkiff), first employment: Intel
    • Derek Schuff, Purdue 2010, first employment: Google
    • Jagadeesh Dyaberi, Purdue 2011, first employment: Saavn
    • Benjamin Parsons, Purdue 2015, first employment: Army Research
    • Abhisek Pan, Purdue 2015, first employment: AMD
    • Malek Musleh, Purdue 2015, first employment: Intel
  • Parthasarathy Ranganathan, Rice 2000, first employment: Compaq
    • Justin Moore, Duke 2005 (co-advisor Jeff Chase), first employment: Google
    • Kevin Leigh, Houston 2007 (co-advisor Jaspal Subhlok), first employment: HP
  • Christopher J. Hughes, Illinois 2003, first employment: Intel
  • Ruchira Sasanka, Illinois 2005, first employment: Intel
  • Jayanth Srinivasan, Illinois 2006, first employment: McKinsey
  • Xiaodong (Jerry) Li, Illinois 2008, first employment: Deutsche Bank
  • Man-Lap (Alex) Li, Illinois 2009, first employment: George Washington University
  • Pradeep Ramachandran, Illinois 2011, first employment: Intel
  • Siva Kumar Sastry Hari, Illinois 2013, first employment: Nvidia
  • Rakesh Komuravelli, Illinois 2014, first employment: Qualcomm

Madhusudhan (Madhu) Talluri, Ph.D. August 1995, Use of Superpages and Subblocking in the Address Translation Hierarchy (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: Sun Microsystems.

Ioannis (Yannis) Schoinas, Ph.D. 1998, Fine Grain Distributed Shared Memory Systems on Clusters of Workstations (Genealogy), first employment: Intel Corporation.

Shubhendu (Shubu) Mukherjee, Ph.D. May 1998, Design and Evaluation of Network Interfaces for System Area Networks (Genealogy), first employment: Digital Equipment Corporation.

  • Mithuna Thottethodi, Duke 2002 (co-advisor Alvin Lebeck), first employment: Purdue
    • Nauman Rafique, Purdue 2008, first employment: Google

Trishul Chilimbi, Ph.D. August 1999, Cache-Conscious Data Structures--Design and Implementation (Genealogy), first employment: Microsoft Corporation (co-advisor with James R. Larus).

Eric Schnarr, Ph.D. December 2000, Applying Programming Language Implementation Techniques to Processor Simulation (Genealogy), first employment: Hypercosm Corporation (co-advisor with James R. Larus).

Anastasia (Natassa) Ailamaki, Ph.D. December 2000, Architecture-Conscious Database Systems (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: Carnegie-Mellon University (co-advisor with David DeWitt).

  • Stavros Harizopoulos, CMU 2006, first employment: MIT postdoc
  • Mengzhi Wang, CMU 2006, first employment: Google
  • Chistopher B. Colohan, CMU 2006 (co-advisor Todd Mowry), first employment: Google
  • Shimin Chen, CMU 2006 (co-advisor Todd Mowry), first employment: Intel
  • Minglong Shao, CMU 2007, first employment: Netapp
  • Stratos Papadomanolakis, CMU 2007, first employment: Oracle
  • Nikolaos Hardavellas (co-advisor Babak Falsafi), CMU 2009, first employment: Northwestern University
  • Ryan Johnson, CMU 2011, first employment: University of Toronto
  • Debabrata Dash, CMU 2011, first employment: HP Labs
  • Ippokratis Pandis, CMU 2011, first employment: IBM Almaden

Milo Martin, Ph.D. December 2003, Token Coherence (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: University of Pennsylvania.

  • Sebastian Burckhardt, Penn 2007 (co-advisor Rajeev Alur), first employment: Microsoft Research
  • Colin Blundell, Penn 2010, first employment: IBM Research
  • Santosh Nagarakatte, Penn 2012, first employment: Rutgers University
  • Arun Raghavan, Penn 2013, first employment: Oracle Labs

Min Xu, Ph.D. May 2006, Race Recording for Multithreaded Deterministic Replay using Multiprocessor Hardware, (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: VMware (co-advisor with Rastislav Bodik).

Brian Fields, Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley, December 2006, Using Criticality to Attack Performance Bottlenecks (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: NVIDIA (co-advisor with Rastislav Bodik).

Michael R. Marty, Ph.D. January 2008, Cache Coherence Techniques for Multicore Processors (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: Google.

Luke Yen, Ph.D. February 2009, Signatures in Transactional Memory Systems (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: AMD.

Jayaram Bobba , Ph.D. February 2010, Hardware Support for Efficient Transactional and Supervised Memory Systems (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: Intel.

Derek R. Hower, Ph.D. July 2012, Acoherent Shared Memory (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: AMD.

Arkaprava (Arka) Basu, Ph.D. December 2013, Revisiting Virtual Memory (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: AMD (co-advisor with Michael Swift).

Lena E. Olson, Ph.D. August 2016, Protecting Host Systems from Imperfect Hardware Accelerators (Talk, Protocols, Genealogy), first employment: Google

Jayneel Gandhi, Ph.D. August 2016, Efficient Memory Virtualization (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: VMware (co-advisor with Michael Swift).

Jason Lowe-Power, Ph.D. August 2017, On Heterogeneous Compute and Memory Systems (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: University of California-Davis (co-advisor with David Wood).

Swapnil Haria, Ph.D. August 2019, Architecture and Software Support for Persistent and Vast Memory (Talk, Genealogy), first employment: Google (co-advisor with Michael Swift).

Four Generations of Computer Architects

ISCA 2008 Picture of David Patterson, Mark Hill, Sarita Adve, and Partha

At ISCA 2008 Awards Luncheon (Beijing, China), David Patterson (receiving Eckhart-Mauchly Award) who co-advised Mark Hill who advised Sarita Adve (receiving Maurice Wilkes Award) who advised Partha Ranganathan.

Milo Martin and Mark Hill with ENIAC (2006)

2006 Picture of Milo Martin and Mark Hill with ENIAC

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