Computer Sciences Dept.

Note to Grad School and Internship Applicants

We appreciate your interest in applying to the University of Wisconsin Computer Sciences Department. This note is directed to students who intend to send out mass-mailings of requests to be admitted to our graduate program or for an internship.

  1. We are always looking for creative and hardworking students to join our graduate program. Note that graduate admissions are done by our Graduate Admissions Committee, not by individual faculty members. I cannot admit you to the program; you need to go through the standard application and admissions process. You can find out more information about how to apply to our department at the Graduate Admissions Information page.
  2. I am always happy to answer specific questions about my research and to hear about your related efforts. I typically respond quite quickly to such messages. If you send me an email that contains nothing specifically addressed to me or my research, I will not answer it. Such spam messages create a very bad and lasting impression of the sender.
  3. Please do not ask for an RA position until you are admitted to our program. I cannot consider you for such a position until you are admitted.
  4. My group often has undergraduate researchers, but these usually come from students who have taken a class from me or worked with me in some other context. I typically do not hire summer interns from undergraduate students that I do not know.

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