Computer Sciences Dept.

Over the years, I have come to realize that my graduate students are probably the most important part of my work. It is a great privilege to work with these men and women, teaching and especially learning from each of them.

Current Graduate Students:

Ph.D. Graduates:

  1. Cui-Qing Yang, August 1987.
    Intuit Corporation (formerly Professor, Computer Science Department, University of North Texas).
  2. Jong-Deok Choi, August 1989.
    Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics, and Director, Advanced SW Research Center.
  3. Robert H.B. Netzer, August 1991.
    Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Brown University.
  4. David Cohrs, August 1991.
    Legato Systems, Palo Alto, California.
  5. Joann Ordille, December 1993.
    Member of the Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill, N.J.
  6. Jeffrey Hollingsworth, August 1994.
    Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park.
  7. Bruce Irvin, October 1995.
    Member of the Technical Staff, Oracle Corporation.
  8. Tia Newhall, August 1999.
    Associate Professor, Swarthmore College.
  9. Karen Karavanic, December 1999.
    Professor, Portland State University.
  10. Zhichen Xu, December 2000.
    Member of the Technical Staff, Yahoo.
  11. Ariel Tamches, February 2001.
    Member of the Technical Staff, VMWare, Mountain View.
  12. Victor Zandy, February 2004.
    IDA Center for Computing Sciences (deceased, may he rest in peace).
  13. Philip Roth, April 2005.
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  14. Shai Rubin, July 2006.
    Microsoft, Haifa.
  15. Jonathon Giffin, August 2006.
    Memeber of the Technical Staff, HP/Fortify.
  16. Alexander Mirgorodskiy, October 2006.
    Member of the Technical Staff, VMWare, Mountain View.
  17. Dorian Arnold, November 2008.
    Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico.
  18. Nathan Rosenblum, July 2011.
    Member of the Technical Staff, Maginatics.
  19. Michael Brim, 2012.
    Member of the Technical Staff, Oak Ridge National Lab.
  20. Kevin Roundy, 2012.
    Member of the Technical Staff, Symantec Labs.
  21. Andrew R. Bernat, 2012.
    Member of the Technical Staff, Pure Storage.
  22. Michael J. Brim, 2012.
    Oak Ridge National Lab.
  23. Xiaozhu Meng, 2018.
    Rice University.
  24. Benjamin Welton, 2020.
    Facebook Research.

M.S. Graduates:

(Very incomplete...if you have updated information, please email me!)
  • Giridhar Ravipati, 2008
  • Greg Cooksey, 2008
  • Igor Grobman, 2004
  • Will Benton,
    Ph.D. candidiate (with Prof. Charlie Fischer), Computer Sciences Dept., University of Wisconsin.
  • Todd Miller,
    Systems Programmer, Condor Group, University of Wisconsin.
  • Harold "Trey" Cain III, 2000 (Ph.D. with Mikko Lipasti, 2004)
    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.
  • Chris Chambreau, 2000.
    Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
  • Krishna Kunchithapadam, 1998.
    Oracle Corporation, Portland, Oregon.
  • Itai Gurari, 2002.
  • Ning Li,
    IBM Almaden.
  • Ling Ni, 2004
  • Sunlung Suen,
    M.D. graduate, University of Wisconsin Medical School.
  • Chris Serra,
  • Chris Shergalis,
    Assistant Pastor, Madison Baptist Church.
  • Ling Zheng,
    Hewlett Packard, Cupertino, California.

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