Jichuan Chang

I graduated and am now a research scientist at HP Labs.


  • Computer Architecture, with focus on cache and memory system design for multiprocessors and multicore systems, cache coherence and synchronization, value communication, and hardware support to improve programmability and reliability.
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  • Courses

    # Course Instructor Project/Presentation
    CS642 Information Security Somesh Jha Secure Online Voting System using SSL and XML (Demo, tarball)
    CS736 Advanced Operating Systems Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau Fail-stutter Behavior Characterization of NFS (Presentation)
    CS764 Topics in DBMS Jeff Naughton Effect of Branch Prediction on Conjective Selection Evaluation
    CS757 Computer Arch. II Mark Hill Lock Behavior Characterization of Commercial Workloads (Presentation Comments)
    CS747 Performance Analysis Mary Vernon Analytical Evaluation of Commercial Workloads on MPs (Presentation)
    CS701 Compiler Construction Charles Fischer Software Controlled Prefetching on UltraSparc; Other optimizations (Register Allocation, Loop Invariant Motion, Copy Propagation, Useless Assignment Removal).
    CS752 Computer Arch. I David Wood Decoupled Architecture for Data Prefetching (Presentation)
    15740 Computer Architecture Todd Mowry Fast Block Copy in DRAM (Proposal Poster)
    15781 Machine Learning Sebastian Thrun Text Segmentation in Informedia (Proposal Presentation)
    17791 Software Research Seminar William Scherlis Requirements Engineering
    Gauge Infrastructure for Software Adaptation
    15744 Computer Networks Srini Seshan Evaluation of Queue Management Algorithms
    17755 Software Architecture David Garlan Investigating the Consensus Problem in HLA Bridge
    Scalable Bio-Surveillance System Architecture
    18546 Storage Systems Greg Ganger Assignments and Paper discussions

    Last update: 11/26/2006