Computer Sciences Dept.

CS 758 Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture

Programming Current and Future Multicore Processors

Fall 2009 Section 1
Instructor David A. Wood and T. A. Matthew D. Allen
URL: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~david/courses/cs758/Fall2009/

2007 Class Conference

Wednesday, December 19th
1:00-4:00pm, Room 4310 CSS

1:00 pm
TaskMan: Simple Task-Parallel Programming in C++
Derek Hower and Steve Jackson
paper slides

1:20 pm
Making system calls Transaction Safe
Dheeraj Agrawal and Neelam Goyal
paper slides

1:40 pm
Investigating TLB and cache effects during parallel sorting
Kynan Shook
paper slides

2:00 pm
Characterizing scientific application performance on GPUs
Base Paul
paper slides

2:20 Break

Performance evaluation of hash join algorithms on chip multiprocessors
Spyros Blanas
paper slides

Care for some syntactic sugar with your TBB?
Evan Driscoll
paper slides

3:20 pm
Component-based programming with streams
Phil Garcia
paper slides

Extended Finite Automata on Stream-Oriented Architectures using Rapidmind
Mitch Hayenga and Mike Shaw

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