Source: Bondage No. 1
Date: December 1976
Author: Shane MacGowan

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THE JAM (continued)
and from then on things got better and better with "In The City" for the 2nd time, "Route 66" and "Taking Your Love", climaxing in Paul Weller going mad and throwing his amp to the people at the front who tore it to bits. I was really inspired by the violence of their act - it was fucking great.
3 nights later they supported Little Rob Story at the Marquee (yawn). Weller had his hair back-combed like a mod and dashed around the stage doing frantic windmill arm-thrashes. Seeing as it was at the Marquee I thought this is what it must have been like here 10 years ago in the days of "Maximum R&B". Shows how places change, cos even tho they played an even better set than at Ronnie's the audience were doing their sitting-down zombie act and generally acting like a typical modern Marquee audience. Later on they did maimed gorrilla imitations to Little Bob Story, who were slow, heavy & boring. There's no justice.
I think The Jam are fucking important. A lot of people don't like the suits and they say they're derivative, unoriginal etc. Bollocks. There's no way you can knock their youth, their energy, their skill and their songs, which are fucking great.

CHELSEA have changed their name to Generation X and kicked out Jean October, the singer. Billy Idol's gonna be singer now. Yeah well, I hope there as good as the original band who where fucking great. People have critiscised Jean October's aggressive behaviour at the Nashville when they supported the Stranglers, but I don't know what else he could have done faced with such a boring apathetic audience, some of whom had beards and wore Greateful Dead badges.
Can Subway Sect get in touch cos if I do this again I want to do a big thing about them, not like the crummy 2 pages they got in Sniffin Glue....

with the help of a box of safety pins. All the photos are ripped out of other mags. Sorry it's all hand-written but I haven't got a typewriter. Anyway, anybody who uses a typewriter is a GIRL. I don't like fanzines anyway, they're boring and unconstructive, but it's better than reading The Sun...
SHANE, Wells St.
Flat 5, St Andrews
Chambers, London W1
Ain't I fuckin smart. When do I get to do "8 Days A Week"?

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