1 - Antony Rowstron and Peter Druschel
Storage Management and Caching in PAST, A Large-scale, Persistent Peer-to-peer Storage Utility
SOSP '01

2 - Frank Dabek, M. Frans Kaashoek, David Karger, Robert Morris, Ion Stoica
Wide-Area Cooperative Storage with CFS
SOSP '01

3 - Sean Rhea, Patrick Eaton, Dennis Geels, Hakim Weatherspoon, Ben Zhao, and John Kubiatowicz.
Pond: the OceanStore Prototype
FAST '03

4 - Atul Adya, William J. Bolosky, Miguel Castro, Gerald Cermak, Ronnie Chaiken, John R. Douceur, Jon Howell, Jacob R. Lorch, Marvin Theimer, and Roger P. Wattenhofer
FARSITE: Federated, Available, and Reliable Storage for an Incompletely Trusted Environment
OSDI '02

5 - Yasushi Saito, Christos Karamanolis, Magnus Karlsson, and Mallik Mahalingam
Taming Aggressive Replication in the Pangaea Wide-Area File System
OSDI '02

6 - Athicha Muthitacharoen, Robert Morris, Thomer M. Gil, and Benjie Chen
Ivy: A Read/Write Peer-to-Peer File System
OSDI '02
7 - Landon P. Cox, Christopher D. Murray, and Brian D. Noble
Pastiche: Making Backup Cheap and Easy
OSDI '02

Overlays and Routing

8 - Nicholas J. A. Harvey, Michael B. Jones, Stefan Saroiu, Marvin Theimer, and Alec Wolman
SkipNet: A Scalable Overlay Network with Practical Locality Properties

9 - Sushant Jain, Ratul Mahajan, and David Wetherall
A Study of the Performance Potential of DHT-based Overlays

10 - Suman Banerjee, Bobby Bhattacharjee, Christopher Kommareddy
Scalable Application Layer Multicast

11 - Miguel Castro, Peter Druschel, Ayalvadi Ganesh, Antony Rowstron, Dan S. Wallach
Secure Routing for Structured Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks
OSDI '02

Measuring What We Build

12 - Amin Vahdat, Ken Yocum, Kevin Walsh, Priya Mahadevan, Dejan Kostic, Jeff Chase, and David Becker
Scalability and Accuracy in a Large-Scale Network Emulator (Modelnet)
OSDI '02

13 - Brian White, Jay Lepreau, Leigh Stoller, Robert Ricci, Shashi Guruprasad, Mac Newbold, Mike Hibler, Chad Barb, and Abhijeet Joglekar
An Integrated Experimental Environment for Distributed Systems and Networks (Emulab)
OSDI '02

Papers from IPTPS and elsewhere

Select papers from the following list:



14 - S. Sariou, P. K. Gummadi, S. D. Gribble
A Measurement Study of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems

Other suggestions are welcomed. Particularly interested in papers that cover
aspects of "real" p2p systems and perhaps p2p in other domains (e.g., databases).

Selected Readings

15 - M. Ripeanu and I. Foster
Mapping the Gnutella Network: Macroscopic Properties of Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer Systems
Discussion lead by: ??

16 - B. Wilcox-O'Hearn
Experiences Deploying a Large-Scale Emergent Network
Discussion lead by: Joseph Stanley

17 - Ian Foster, Adriana Iamnitchi
On Death, Taxes, and the Convergence of Peer-to-Peer and Grid Computing,
Discussion lead by: Erik Paulson

18 - Jonathan Ledlie, Jeff Shneidman, Margo Seltzer, John Huth
Scooped, again
Discussion lead by: Igor Grobman

19 - Matthew Harren, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Ryan Huebsch, Boon T. Loo, Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica
Complex Queries in DHT-based Peer-to-Peer Networks
Discussion lead by: Alan Halverson

20 - Jinyang Li, Boon Thau Loo, Joe Hellerstein, Frans Kaashoek, David R. Karger, Robert Morris
On the feasibility of Peer-to-Peer web indexing and search
Discussion lead by: Gogul Balakrishnan

21 - Stoica, Adkins, Ratnasamy, Shenker, Surana, Zhuang
Internet Indirection Infrastructure
Discussion lead by: Mike Marty
Also read: this paper

22 - Ngan, Wallach, Druschel
Enforcing Fair Sharing of Peer-to-Peer Resources
Discussion lead by: Jarrod Lewis
Also read: Altruistic Punishment

23 - Michael J. Freedman, Emil Sit, Josh Cates and Robert Morris
Tarzan: A Peer-to-Peer Anonymizing Network Layer
Discussion lead by: Lakshmi Bairavasundaram

The Case for Cooperative Networking
Discussion lead by: Narasimhan

Can Heterogeneity Make Gnutella Scalable?
Discussion lead by: Tom Engle

The Fundamentals

24 - L. Lamport
Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System
Communications of the ACM, 21 7, July 1978, pp. 558-564

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Distributed Snapshots: Determining Global States of Distributed Systems
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The Byzantine Generals Problem
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27 - Miguel Castro and Barbara Liskov
Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance and Proactive Recovery
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28 - E. C. Cooper
Replicated Distributed Programs
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Implementing Atomic Actions on Decentralized Data
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Reliable Communication in the Presence of Failures
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A Logic of Authenication
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33 - B. Lampson, M. Abadi, M. Burrows, and E. Wobber
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34 - Leslie Lamport
The part-time parliament
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36 - J.H. Saltzer, D.P. Reed, and D.D. Clark
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