CS412, fall18: on-line handouts

CS412, fall18: on-line handouts

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handin instructions := instructions for e-submission of assignments.

Matlab's primer

Vandermonde:= Comments on the Vandemonde approach for polynomial interpolation

viva_vi.ps := Introduction to vi. Should not be regarded as an official class handout.

WavePath.m := A file to be run in Matlab, when you wish to use WaveLab.

formula.pdf := The formula sheet that is attached to the final exam.

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Lecture notes

lecture notes :=

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Read first the general instructions concerning assignments.

as0.pdf := Matlab Assignment # 0 (prepared by H.N. Stefansson), due September 12, 2018.

as1.pdf := Assignment # 1, due 26 September 2018

as2.pdf := Assignment # 2, due October 10 2018>

as3.pdf := Assignment # 3, due October 29, 2018

as4.pdf := Assignment # 4, due November 12 , 2018

as5.pdf := Assignment # 5, due November 28, 2018

as6.pdf := Assignment # 6, due 12 of December 2018

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Misc handouts

midterm sample := An old midterm.
PDF version

midterm exam. := a possible solution of the midterm.
PDF version

Runge Kutta method of order 4
PDF version

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geninfo.pdf := General Information about the course. May be updated from time to time during the semester.
PDF version

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Demos and mfiles

demos and software :=
A directory where files used during matlab demos in class are stored.

mfiles :=
A directory where .m files needed for homework are stored.

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