Estimating Statistical Aggregates
Motivates summaries of uncertain data. Features example method for estimating DISTINCT efficiently.

Scheduling with Precedence Constraints
Poses task scheduling problem where some tasks depend on others for input. Outlines two approximation algorithms. Details are in the notes.

PECARI: Pig Engineers Care About R Improvements
Thoughts on implementing simple join order optimizations within Pig at DAWN '08.

The Pig Latin Dataflow Language: A Brief Overview
Highlights the Pig Latin language and an approach to peforming the computations it describes.

The Linux Audit Visualization Tool
An overview of the Qt-based I/O visualizer I developed last Fall.

Performing Fault-tolerant, Scalable Data Collection and Analysis
A 20,000 ft overview of my recent work on a parallel statistics generation backend for OVIS. This was given at the Summer 2008 Student Symposium at Sandia/CA.

The Netflix Challenge: Parallel Collaborative Filtering
Outlines the simple approach I tackled the Netflix Challenge with in CS 387 at Missouri S&T.

Human Detection and Tracking Using a Wireless Sensor Network
The ambitious senior design project I championed at Missouri S&T.