Introduction to Blockchain Technologies

Usually, the instructor will go over new material in first half of a every lecture, while the second half will either be a discussion or tutorial.

Note: This schedule is subject to change.

Part 0: Introduction

1/25Decentralized Ledgers

Part 1: Blockchain Applications

DatePart 1Part 2Material
2/1Smart ContractsThe Vyper Programming LanguageSlides
2/8Tokens and ExchangesUniswapSlides
2/15Tokens and Exchanges RecapSmart Contract SecuritySlides

Part 2: Blockchain Networks

DatePart 1Part 2Material
2/22Consensus BasicsNakamoto ConsensusSlides, Bitcoin Whitepaper
3/1GHOSTSelfish MiningSlides, Blogpost "Bitcoin is Broken"
3/8Proof-of-Stake, AlgorandOuroborosSlides, Ouroboros Talk
3/15Spring BreakNo lecture
3/22Ethereum 2.0Review SessionSlides, Blogpost "How PoS in Ethereum works"
3/23Midterm Exam
3/29Graph-based ProtocolsAvalancheSlides, Snowball BFT Demo

Part 3: Blockchain Nodes and Interfaces

DatePart 1Part 2Material
4/5Avalanche SubnetworksBlocks and Storage
4/12OraclesTrusted Execution
4/19Commit-RevealThe Ethereum Virtual Machine
4/26Payment ChannelsOptimistic RollupsBlogpost "An incomplete guide to rollups"
5/3Project Presentations
5/10Final Exam