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  • In Computer Architecture, We Don't Change the Questions, We Change the Answers,
    Mark D. Hill
    Keynote at Database Community Five-Year Meeting, MIT, Cambridge, MA October 2023.
    Slides: pdf
    University of Texas-Austin, March 2022.
    Slides: pdf
    Semiconductor Big Ideas Conference - New Street Research, September 2021.
    Slides: pptx and pdf
    Recording: mp4 (20 minutes)
    ISCA Panel (Short Version) Research Methodology in the New Era of Computer Architecture, June 2021.
    Slides: pptx and pdf
    Stanford SystemX Workshop, June 2021.
    Slides: pptx and pdf

  • Design Tradeoffs in CXL-Based Memory Pools for Public Cloud Platforms
    Daniel S. Berger, Daniel Ernst, Huaicheng Li, Pantea Zardoshti, Monish Shah, Samir Rajadnya, Scott Lee, Lisa Hsu, Ishwar Agarwal, Mark D. Hill, Ricardo Bianchinii,
    IEEE Micro,
    DOI: 10.1109/MM.2023.3241586, March/April 2023.
    Local copy: PDF

  • A Retrospective on: A “Flight Data Recorder” for Enabling Full-system Multiprocessor Deterministic Replay,
    Min Xu, Rastislav Bodik, Mark D. Hill,
    In ISCA@50 Retrospective: 1996-2020. Edited by José F. Martínez and Lizy K. John,
    June 2023

  • Driving Innovation in Academia and Industry,
    Mark D. Hill
    Keynote at Computing Research Association-Industry (CRA-I) Workshop on Computing Research in Industry at ACM Federated Computing Research Conference (FCRC), June 2023.
    Slides: pdf

  • Pond: CXL-Based Memory Pooling Systems for Cloud Platforms,
    Huaicheng Li, Daniel S. Berger, Stanko Novakovic, Lisa Hsu, Dan Ernst, Pantea Zardoshti, Monish Shah, Samir Rajadnya, Scott Lee, Ishwar Agarwal, Mark D. Hill, Marcus Fontoura, and Ricardo Bianchini,
    28th ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems. Selected Distinguished Paper among less than 10% of papers.
    Talk: pptx and pdf
    arXiv (near final version),
    March 2023.




  • Advancing Computing's Foundation of US Industry & Society,
    Thomas M. Conte, Ian T. Foster, William Gropp, and Mark D. Hill,
    Computing Community Consortium (CCC) Quadrennial Paper, October 29, 2020
    All CRA/CCC 2020 Quadrennial Papers,

  • How Computing May Change Our World
    (A Talk for Non-Computer Scientists),
    Mark D. Hill
    (More Polished) Virtually @ Participatory Learning And Teaching Organization (PLATO), September 2020.
    Talk Slides: pptx and pdf
    Video Recording (50 minutes + Q&A): YouTube
    (First Offering ) Virtually @ Computing Research Association (CRA), September 2020.
    Talk Slides: pptx and pdf
    Recording (40 minutes): YouTube

  • Academic-Industrial Synergy: Stories, Pitfalls, & Advice,
    Mark D. Hill
    Keynote @ Google Computer Architecture & Deep Learning Workshop, August 2020.
    Talk Slides: pptx and pdf

  • Accelerator-level Parallelism
    Mark D. Hill and Vijay Janapa Reddi,
    Most-recent Talk Slides (6/2020): PPTX and PDF
    Technion Talk 41-Minute Video (6/2020): Youtube or Panoptotech
    First Talk Slides (3/2019): PPTX & PDF
    CACM Viewpoint (12/2021): Accelerator-Level Parallelism
    SIGARCH Blog (9/2019): Accelerator-Level Parallelism (ALP)
    ArXiv (8/2020): html/pdf
    Supplementary Material: Gables Home Page

  • Why 'Correct' Computers Can Leak Your Information
    Mark D. Hill,
    Communications of ACM (CACM),
    DOI:10.1145/3399740, July 2020.
    Local copy: PDF
    A one-page Technical Perspective introduction to a Research Highlights article by the original Spectre authors.

  • CRA Industry/Academia Committee Report,
    Vivek Sarkar, Nancy Amato, Susan Davidson, Eric de Sturler, David Ebert, Mark D. Hill, Charles Isbell, Shwetak Patel, Chris Ramming, Divesh Srivastava, Marvin Theimer, Benjamin Zorn,
    Computing Research Association, May 29, 2020
    Blog Post & Talk (8/2020): html

  • Adaptive computer cache architecture,
    Jason Lowe-Power, David A. Wood, and Mark D. Hill,
    United States Patent 10,713,165, issued July 14, 2020

  • MOD: Minimally Ordered Durable Datastructures for Persistent Memory
    Swapnil Haria, Mark D. Hill, Michael M. Swift
    25th ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS 2020).
    Local copy: pdf
    Full Talk: pptx, pdf

  • Ph.D. Student Advice from a 1980s Ph.D. Student,
    Mark D. Hill
    The Young Architect Workshop (YArch) (for new grad students), delivered virtually in March 2020.
    Talk Slides: pptx
    Talk Video: YouTube

  • Mentoring and Managing Graduate Students,
    Mark D. Hill
    CRA Mentoring Workshop (for new faculty), February 2020.
    Talk Slides: pptx

  • A Primer on Memory Consistency and Cache Coherence, 2nd Edition,
    Vijay Nagarajan, Daniel J. Sorin, Mark D. Hill, and David A. Wood,
    Synthesis Lectures in Computer Architecture, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, February 2020.
    Open-access: DOI (FREE to you!)
    Synthesis Lectures in Computer Architecture Home Page: html



  • Three Other Models of Computer System Performance,
    Mark D. Hill,
    December 2018.
    ArXiv: html/pdf
    Two blog posts: html and html

  • Spectre/Meltdown,
    John Hennessy, Paul Turner, Jon Masters, and Mark D. Hill,
    Keynote/Panel at the Hot Chips, August 2018
    June 2018.
    Hill Slides: pptx
    All Panel Slides: pdf
    Panel Video: Youtube
    Follow-on IEEE Micro paper: PDF

  • On the Implications of the Meltdown & Spectre Design Flaws,
    Mark D. Hill, Paul Kocher, Ruby B. Lee, Simha Sethumadhavan, and Timothy Sherwood,
    Panel at the 45th International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA'16).
    June 2018.
    Panel Slides: pptx
    Panel Info: html

  • Devirtualizing Memory for Heterogeneous Systems
    Swapnil Haria, Mark D. Hill, Michael M. Swift
    23nd ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS 2018).
    Local copy: pdf
    Lightning Talk: pdf
    Full Talk: pptx

  • On the Meltdown & Spectre Design Flaws
    Mark D. Hill
    Technical Talk, Google, February 2018.
    Talk: pptx
    Talk: pdf
    CCC Blog: html
    Revised Technical Talk, Uppsala University, November 2018.
    Talk: pptx
    Talk: pdf

































  • Design Decisions in SPUR,
    M. D. Hill, S. J. Eggers, J. R. Larus, G. S. Taylor, G. Adams, B. K. Bose, G. A. Gibson, P. M. Hansen, J. Keller, S. I. Kong, C. G. Lee, D. Lee, J. M. Pendleton, S. A. Ritchie, D. A. Wood, B. G. Zorn, P. N. Hilfinger, D. Hodges, R. H. Katz, J. Ousterhout, and D. A. Patterson,
    IEEE Computer, November 1986.
    Paper: scanned pdf

  • An In-Cache Address Translation Mechanism,
    David A. Wood, Susan J. Eggers, Garth Gibson, Mark D. Hill, Joan Pendleton, Scott A. Ritchie, Randy H. Katz, and David A. Patterson,
    International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), June 1986.
    Paper: scanned pdf


  • No papers.



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