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Simple Ideas

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While many academics strive for complex solutions, I am proud of my simple ideas.

  1. A simple ”roofline” model for complex systems on a chip (SoCs).

    Gables: A Roofline Model for Mobile SoCs
    Mark D. Hill and Vijay Janapa Reddi
    The 25th IEEE International Symposium On High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA-2019)
    Local copy: pdf
    Talk: pptx & pdf
    Expanded ISPASS FASTPATH Talk: pptx & pdf
    Supplementary Material: Gables Home Page

  2. Adds a simple multicore hardware corollary to Amdahl's Law.

    Amdahl's Law in the Multicore Era,
    Mark D. Hill and Michael R. Marty,
    IEEE Computer, July 2008.
    Local copy: pdf
    Supplementary Website:
    Related Talk Video: Google TechTalk 02/2009 (52 minutes)
    Related Talk Slides: pptx 01/2010
    Selected as an influential paper from the first 50 years of Computer.
    See others:
    2017 Retrospective: pdf

  3. Argues why sequential consistency may be better than relaxed memory consistency models.

    Multiprocessors Should Support Simple Memory Consistency Models,
    Mark D. Hill,
    IEEE Computer, August 1998.
    Local copy: pdf
    2003 Dagstuhl Retrospective Talk: ppt

  4. Shows that parallel computing is cost-effective whenever "speedup" exceeds "costup."

    Cost-Effective Parallel Computing,
    David A. Wood and Mark D. Hill,
    IEEE Computer, February 1995.
    Paper: final scanned pdf and near-final latex pdf.

  5. Shows that fast hits for direct-mapped caches can lead to better performance than for set-associative caches.

    A Case for Direct-Mapped Caches,
    Mark D. Hill,
    IEEE Computer, December 1988.
    Paper: scanned pdf (2 MB)

  6. Partitions cache misses into the 3Cs: compulsory, capacity, and conflicts misses (in Section V-A but the rest of the paper is complex).

    Evaluating Associativity in CPU Caches,
    Mark D. Hill and Alan Jay Smith,
    IEEE Transactions on Computers (TOC), December 1989.
    Paper: scanned pdf.

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