Computer Sciences Dept.

Mark D. Hill

Gene M. Amdahl & John P. Morgridge
Professor Emeritus of Computer Sciences

2016 Photo of Mark D. Hill

UW-Madison Virtual Computer Architecture Seminar for Fall 2020

All talks (but one) are on Tuesdays 4:00-5:00pmCT, but the speaker we'll stay around up to 30 more minutes for 'down by the podium' questions. Attendence is restricted by UW Zoom license to 300 attendees. If the speaker grants permission, talks will be recorded and posted here within a week of presentation. All talks currently use the same link. If logistical issues, please email Mark Mansi

September 8: Chris Fletcher (Illinois): Principled Defenses Against Speculative Execution Attacks

September 22: Luca Carloni (Columbia): ESP: An Open-Source Platform for Heterogeneous Computing

September 27: Vivienne Sze (MIT): Efficient Computing for AI and Robotics: From Hardware Accelerators to Algorithm Design

October 13: Carole-Jean Wu (Arizona State & Facebook): Deep Learning: It's Not All About Recognizing Cats and Dogs

THURSDAY October 15: Rob A. Rutenbar (U. Pittsburgh): Experiments with Bayesian Inference Accelerators (or, Why AI Algorithms that are NOT Deep Neural Nets Also Want to be Silicon)

October 27: Norman P. Jouppi (Google): A Domain-Specific TPU Supercomputer for Training Deep Neural Networks (orginally scheduled for Sep 15)

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