Songs of Balraj Sahni

Warning: These indexes are often incomplete and do not represent all the songs in the ITRANS Song Book. In other words, there might be songs in the ISB that should have been in this list, but are not, because of missing information. The listing by Song Titles contains all the songs.

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ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx aage bhii jaane na tuu [#N9133]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans aajaa rii aa, ni.ndiyaa tuu aa, jhilamil sitaaro.n se utar aa.Nkho.n [#616]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx ab teraa i.ntezaar kaun kare [#N9183]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx ai baadalo.n, rimajhim ke ra.Ng liye kahaa.N chale [#N9111]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans ai mere pyaare vatan, ai mere ahale vatan [#102]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans ai merii zoharaa-jabii.n, tujhe maaluum nahii.n [#277]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans bekas kii tabaahii ke saamaan hazaaro.n hai.n [#449]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx bhaiyaa mere raakhii ke ba.ndhan ko nibhaanaa [#N8106]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans chal u.D jaa re pa.nchhii ki ab ye desh huaa begaanaa [#696]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans duur rahakar na karo baat, kariib aa jaao [#202]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx gaa mere man gaa [#N9130]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans jaane kaise sapano.n mai.n kho gayii a.nkhiyaa.n [#1060]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans jiyaa le gayo jii moraa saa.nvariyaa, laagii maname.n lagan [#590]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx mai.n tumhii se puuchhatii huu.N [#N8210]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans mai.n tumhii se ye puuchhatii huu.N, mujhe tumase pyaar kyuu.N hai [#90]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans mai.n ye sochakar usake dar se uThaa thaa [#786]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx maulaa saliim chishtii, aaqaa saliim chishtii [#N8197]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans mujhako is raat kii tanahaaii me.n aavaaz na do [#119]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans o nanhe se farishte, tujh se ye kaisaa naataa [#1057]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans pyaar par bas to nahii.n hai meraa, lekin phir bhii [#131]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx sitaare raah takate hai.n, chale aao chale aao [#N8211]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans tum jo mil gae ho, to ye lagataa hai, ke jahaa.N mil gayaa [#206]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans tumhaarii zulf ke saae me.n shaam kar luu.ngaa [#203]

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