Songs of Zeenat Aman

Warning: These indexes are often incomplete and do not represent all the songs in the ITRANS Song Book. In other words, there might be songs in the ISB that should have been in this list, but are not, because of missing information. The listing by Song Titles contains all the songs.

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ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx aise na mujhe tum dekho, siine se lagaa luu.Ngaa [#N8160]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans bahut khuubasurat javaan ek la.Dakii [#1160]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans kaa jamaa ho chakaachak [#256]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans bhiigii bhiigii raato.n me.n miiThii miiThii baato.n me.n [#676]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans churaa liyaa hai tum ne jo dil ko, nazar nahii.n churaanaa sanam [#252]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans dam maaro dam, miT jaaye Gam, bolo subah shaam [#386]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans dil aaj shaayar hai, Gam aaj naGamaa hai [#290]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans ek ajanabii, hasiinaa se, yuu.N mulaakaat, ho ga_ii [#293]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans kaa.nchii re kaa.nchii re, priit merii saa.nchii [#86]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx kyaa dekhate ho, suurat tumhaarii [#N8095]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans kyaa huaa teraa vaadaa, vo qasam vo iraadaa [#493]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans mai.n na bhuuluu.Ngaa, mai.n na bhuuluu.Ngii [#121]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans mai.n tasviir utaarataa huu.N [#1200]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans meh.ngaaii maar gaii, meh.ngaaii maar gaii [#1151]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx o merii choranii, o merii moranii, mai.n to ho chukaa tumhaaraa [#N8154]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans pannaa kii tamannaa hai ki hiiraa mujhe mil jaaye [#460]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans phuulo.n kaa taaro.n kaa, sabakaa kahanaa hai [#318]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans raam kA naam badanaam nA karo [#1192]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx ye la.Dakaa haay allaah kaisaa hai diivaanaa [#N8101]

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