2009 Class Projects for CS 769
Aubrey Barnard
Matching Poems in a Parallel Corpus using Concept Networks
Adrian Moore
Winnow Based Grammar Correction
Ba-Quy Vuong
Identifying Controversies inWikipedia using Support Vector Machines
Adam Maus
SVM Approach to Forum and Comment Moderation
Andrew Hanson
Question Identification Using a Probabilistic Context Free Grammar
Chao Xie
Graph Based Malware Analysis Using NLP Approaches
Fei Chen
Coreference Resolution with Markov Logic
James Jolly
Efficiently Extracting Relationships From Natural Language
Jiasi Song
The Author-Topic Model and the author prediction
Jordan Walker
Impairment Detection using Support Vector Machines
Janani Kalyanam
Parametric Classi cation using Zipf's law
Ramakrishnan Kandhan and Nikhil Teletia
!Trendz: Recommender System using Facebook Profile
Kaushik Subramanian
SVM based classifier for Blogs
Kenneth Jones
Large-scale Asymmetries in the DNA of E. coli
Khai Tran
Using Support Vector Machines to Identify Personal Blog Entries
Mengmeng Chen
A Similarity Web Search Engine
Seeun Umboh
Compressed sensing for graphs
Shengqi Zhu
Beyond Bag-of-Words: A New Distance Metric for Keywords Extraction and Clustering
Spyros Blanas
A Greeklish-to-Greek converter
Tuo Wang
Multiclass Learning by Boosting Bootstrap LDA Projections
Vidhya Murali
UW People Search
Yi Pan
A Dictionary Based Chinese Sentence Segmentation