Xiating Ouyang

Ph.D. Student

Computer Sciences

University of Wisconsin–Madison

xouyang [shift + 2] cs.wisc.edu


I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison database group advised by Prof. Paris Koutris.

I am seeking research/engineering positions to start in 2023/24.

My research interest lies in the intersection of theoretical computer science and databases, with a theme of solving data management problems with principled guarantees. Currently, I am working on efficient algorithms to compute the consistent query answers on inconsistent databases that may violate preset integrity constraints and its complexity classification.

Aside from research, I have also worked at Meta, Microsoft (Gray Systems Lab), and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Before that, I obtained my B.Sc. in computer science from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in 2018. I was fortunate to work with Prof. Yixin Cao on graph theory and parameterized algorithms. I was an exchange student at the University of Waterloo in Winter 2017.

Publications (* - alphabetical authorship following the convention of theoretical computer science)

  • LinCQA: Faster Consistent Query Answering with Linear Time Guarantees. [arXiv][publisher][poster][slides]
    * with Zhiwei Fan, Paraschos Koutris and Jef Wijsen.
    SIGMOD'23 @ Seattle, WA

  • SparkCruise: Workload Optimization in Managed Spark Clusters at Microsoft. [pdf]
    Abhishek Roy, Alekh Jindal, Priyanka Gomatam, Xiating Ouyang, Ashit Gosalia, Nishkam Ravi, Swinky Mann and Prakhar Jain.
    VLDB'21 (industrial track) @ Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Consistent Query Answering for Primary Keys on Path Queries. [pdf] [publisher] [slides]
    * with Paraschos Koutris and Jef Wijsen.
    PODS'21 @ Xi'an, China

  • Unit interval vertex deletion: Fewer vertices are relevant. [publisher]
    Yuping Ke, Yixin Cao, Xiating Ouyang, Wenjun Li and Jianxin Wang.
    Journal of Computer and System Sciences (JCSS), 95:109–121 (2018).


  • Organizer: UW-Madison DB Seminars

  • Volunteer: VLDB'21, SIGMOD'23

  • Student organizer: COCOON'17, SMARTCOMP'17

  • Webmaster: COCOON'17


  • [TA] CS 577 Introduction to Algorithms: Spring 2019

  • [TA] CS 240 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics: Fall 2018

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