Hi! Our group conducts research in machine learning. Our approach is mathematical and formal, but we also have fun with applications in cognitive science, medical science, and social media. Please follow the "research" link above to see some recent projects, and the "publications" link to download publicly available academic papers, data sets, and code.

Current Graduate Students

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Information for Prospective Students

PhD Admissions

PhD admissions in our department are done by a committee, who evaluates all applications and makes decisions for the whole department. Individual faculty members do not accept students into their research groups. Sending me an email about your application will not increase your chance of being admitted into the program. You can find all the application information you need online.

Research Assistantships

I am looking for PhD students in CS with a strong mathematical background. If you are already at Wisconsin and want to join my machine learning group, please send me an email. Please note that I rarely hire an incoming student as a research assistant. Most often we will be working together in an independent study course for a semester, so we get a chance to know if we enjoy working with each other.