Songs of Jaya Bhaduri

Warning: These indexes are often incomplete and do not represent all the songs in the ITRANS Song Book. In other words, there might be songs in the ISB that should have been in this list, but are not, because of missing information. The listing by Song Titles contains all the songs.

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ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx a.Nkhiyo.n me.n chhoTe-ChhoTe sapane sajaaike [#N8044]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans aaye tum yaad mujhe, gaane lagii har dha.Dakan [#89]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx ab ke sajan saavan me.n [#N8180]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans ba.Dii suunii suunii hai, zi.ndagii ye zi.ndagii [#279]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx baaho.n me.n chale aao, hamase sanam kyaa paradaa [#N8053]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans bole re papiiharaa, papiiharaa [#283]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans chupake chupake chal rii purava_iiyaa [#1047]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx dekhaa ek Kvaab to ye silasile hue [#N9008]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans ek pyaar kaa naGamaa hai, maujo.n kii ravaanii hai [#3]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans hamako manakii shakti denaa, mana vijaya kare.n [#470]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx jab tak rahe tan me.n jiyaa [#N9204]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx jo tum to.Do piiyaa, mai.n nahii.n to.Duu.N re [#N9010]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans luuTe koii man kaa nagar ban ke meraa saathii [#304]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans mai.n ek raajaa huu.n tuu ik raanii hai [#892]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans meraa jiivan koraa kaagaz koraa hii rah gayaa [#306]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans merii bhiigii-bhiigii sii, palako.n pe rah gaye [#307]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans miit naa milaa re man kA, koii to milan kaa, karo re upaay [#352]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans musaafir huu.N yaaro.n, naa ghar hai naa Thikaana [#261]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans nain hamaare saa.njh sakaare, dekhane laakho.n sapane [#54]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans pattaa pattaa buuTaa buuTaa, haal hamaaraa jaane hai [#228]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans piyaa binaa piyaa binaa, baasiyaa [#417]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans barase bhiige chunaravaalii, barase [#255]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx raato.n ke saaye ghane jab bojh dil par bane [#N9201]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans saa re gaa maa [#1225]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans sar se sarake, sarake chunariyaa, [#1015]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx shuruu hotaa hai phir baato.n kaa mausam [#N9068]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans tere mere milan kii ye rainaa, nayaa koI gul khilaayegii [#249]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans terii bi.ndiyaa re aay hAy sajan bi.ndiyaa le legii terii ni.ndiyaa [#902]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans tum bin jiivan kaisaa jiivan, phuul khile to dil murajhaaye [#184]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans ye jiivan hai, is jiivan kaa, yahii hai, yahii hai, yahii hai ruup [#17]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans ye kahaa.N aa gaye ham yuu.nhii sAth sAth chalate [#822]

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