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    • 12/18. Final exam solutions are available here. (wisc.edu access only.)
    • 12/10. The final exam is available now. It is due by midnight on Monday, Dec 17.
    • 12/10. Lecture notes are now available in a single PDF file here.
    • 12/08. Solutions to HW3 are up now.
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    • 11/14. HW3 is up now. Note that you get slightly longer than 3 weeks for this homework -- it is due on Dec 7th.
    • 11/08. Solutions to HW2 are up now. See below.
    • 11/06. Chi Man will not be holding office hours today. Instead, Shuchi is holding office hours from 3 to 4 pm today, and Chi Man will hold additional office hours on Friday from 1 to 2 pm.
    • 10/31. Lecture 21 on Nov 5 will be a little longer than usual. We will end at 4 p.m. instead of 3:45 p.m.
    • 10/17. HW2 and the solutions to HW1 are up now. See below.
    • 10/09. There is no lecture on Oct 12. Instead you are encouraged to attend this talk by Kunal Talwar from Microsoft Research.
    • 10/02. A clarification for question 5 on homework 1 is posted here.
    • 09/19. There will be no lectures during the week of 9/24-28.
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    Course Description

    Algorithm design and analysis is a fundamental and important part of computer science. This course introduces students to advanced techniques for the design and analysis of algorithms, and explores a variety of applications. Read more ...

    Scribe notes & readings

    Disclaimer: Drafts are likely to be incomplete and contain errors, so please check back for a final version.
    The books referenced below are
    Borodin & El-Yaniv (B&E-Y), Kleinberg & Tardos (K&T), Kearns & Vazirani (K&V),
    Motwani & Raghavan (M&R), Mitzenmacher & Upfal (M&U), and Vazirani (Vaz.). All are available at the Wendt library.

    Download all lectures notes in a single PDF file here.

    1. 09/05 W   [PDF]   Intro, greedy algorithms: scheduling, MST. (K&T §4, §5)
    2. 09/07 F     [PDF]   Set cover, Divide & Conquer, Dynamic programming. (K&T §5, §6, §11.3)
    3. 09/10 M   [PDF]   Dynamic programming. (K&T §6)
    4. 09/12 W   [PDF]   Network flow. (K&T §7)
    5. 09/14 F     [PDF]   Network flow applications, matchings. (K&T §7)
    6. 09/17 M   [PDF]   Randomized algorithms, Karger's min-cut algorithm. (K&T §13)
               Here are some lecture notes by Avrim Blum on how to speed-up Karger's algorithm.
    7. 09/19 W   [PDF]   Randomized load balancing and hashing. (K&T §13.10, §13.6, M&R §8.4, §8.5)
    8. 09/21 F     [PDF]   Bloom filters, NP-completeness. (M&R §8.4, §8.5, M&U §5.5)
               See also, this survey on the applications of bloom filters by Broder & Mitzenmacher.
    9. 10/01 M   [PDF]   NP-completeness contd., Approximation algorithms. (K&T §8, Vaz. §1)
    10. 10/03 W   [PDF]   Approximation via local search.
    11. 10/08 M   [PDF]   Linear programming, LP rounding. (Vaz. §14)
    12. 10/10 W   [PDF]   Randomized rounding, concentration bounds. (M&R §3.2, §4.1, §4.2)
    13. 10/15 M   [PDF]   Randomized rounding (contd.), LP duality. (M&R §4.2, Vaz. §12)
    14. 10/17 W   [PDF]   LP duality, Primal-dual algorithms. (Vaz. §12, 15)
    15. 10/19 F     [PDF]   Primal-dual algorithms. (Vaz. §15)
    16. 10/22 M   [PDF]   Semi-definite Programming. (Vaz. §26)
    17. 10/24 W   [PDF]   SDP (contd.), Streaming algorithms.
    18. 10/26 F     [PDF]   Streaming algorithms (contd.).
               See this survey by Muthu Muthukrishnan for some motivation behind, and math used in, streaming algorithms.
    19. 10/29 M   [PDF]   Online algorithms & competitive analysis. (B&E-Y §1)
               Here is a nice presentation by Pat Riley & Elly Winner about different approaches to evaluating online algorithms.
    20. 10/31 W   [PDF]   Caching/Paging, k-server problem. (B&E-Y §3, §4, §10)
    21. 11/05 M   [PDF]   Caching lower bound based on Yao's principle, Work function algorithm. (B&E-Y §8.4, §10, §12)
               For a complete analysis of the work function and other k-server algorithms, see these detailed lecture notes (lectures 5-9) by Yair Bartal.
    22. 11/07 W   [PDF]   Work function (contd.), Online learning: regret minimization & the weighted majority algorithm.
    23. 11/12 M   [PDF]   Mistake bound model, winnow & perceptron algorithms.
    24. 11/14 W   [PDF]   MB model contd., PAC model. (K&V §1, §2)
    25. 11/16 F     [PDF]   PAC model, Occam's razor. (K&V §1, §2)
    26. 11/19 M   [PDF]   Boosting in the PAC framework. (K&V §4)
    27. 11/26 M   [PDF]   Random Walks & Markov chains. Cover time, hitting time. (M&R §6)
    28. 12/07 F     [PDF]   Random Walks & Markov chains: the resistance method, and mixing time. (M&R §6)
    29. 12/10 M                Markov chains wrap-up and Q-A session.
               No lecture notes are available for this last lecture, however, these notes contain all of what we covered, and extra.


    1. HW1    [PDF]
    2. HW2    [PDF]
    3. HW3    [PDF]

    Misc material

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    Before scribing lectures, please read this note on mathematical writing by Knuth, Larrabee and Roberts.
    Scribing assignments are available here.