Zhuoyan Xu

Ph.D. student

Department of Statistics, Computer Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison, US

zhuoyan.xu [at] wisc [dot] edu
Office 5388, Department of Computer Sciences, UW-Madison

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About Me

I am a Ph.D. student in Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison co-advised by Prof. Yingyu Liang and Prof. Yin Li . I am also fortunate to work with Prof. Yiqiao Zhong and Prof. Kris Sankaran . I obtained my M.S. degree in Computer Science from UW-Madison. Prior to that, I obtained my B.S. degree in Statistics from Wuhan University in 2019.

I will be an Applied Scientist Intern in summer 2024 at Amazon AWS AI research, Bellevue. I was a Machine Learning Engineer intern in John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group in summer 2022. I also had an internship at China Merchants Bank, Shanghai.

My research interest includes Foundation Model (including large vision, language and multimodal models) and Representation Learning. I am interested in investigating and analyzing behavior of foundation models, aiming to enhance their adaptation to downstream tasks with improved accuracy and greater efficiency.


AdaInf: Adaptive Inference for Resource-Constrained Foundation Models
Zhuoyan Xu*, Khoi Duc Nguyen*, Preeti Mukherjee, Somali Chaterji, Yingyu Liang, Yin Li

ICML 2024 Workshop
[ OpenReview ]
Why Larger Language Models Do In-context Learning Differently?
Zhenmei Shi, Junyi Wei, Zhuoyan Xu, Yingyu Liang

ICML 2024
[ Openreview ] [ arXiv ]
[ Workshop ] [ Workshop Poster ]
Do Large Language Models Have Compositional Ability? An Investigation into Limitations and Scalability
Zhuoyan Xu*, Zhenmei Shi*, Yingyu Liang

ICLR 2024 Workshop
[ OpenReview ] [ Code ] [ Slides ]
Towards Few-Shot Adaptation of Foundation Models via Multitask Finetuning
Zhuoyan Xu, Zhenmei Shi, Junyi Wei, Fangzhou Mu, Yin Li, Yingyu Liang

ICLR 2024
[ OpenReview ] [ arXiv ] [ Code ] [ IBM Research Talk Slides ] [ Poster ] [ Video ]
[ Workshop ] [ Workshop Poster ] [ Workshop Slides ]
Spatial Transcriptomics Dimensionality Reduction using Wavelet Bases
Zhuoyan Xu, Kris Sankaran

F1000, 2022
[ F1000 Research ] [ arXiv ] [ Rpackage ] [ code ]
Generalized Tensor Regression with Covariates on Multiple Modes
Zhuoyan Xu*, Jiaxin Hu*, Miaoyan Wang

arXiv, 2019
[ arXiv ] [ Rpackage ]

Research & Work Experience

Research Assistant
University of Wisconsin-Madison
2022 - Now | Prof. Yingyu Liang and Prof. Yin Li
2021 - 2022 | Prof. Kris Sankaran
Applied Scientist Intern
Amazon AWS AI in Bellevue, WA
Summer 2024 | Shuai Zhang , Boran Han and Haoyang Fang
Machine Learning Engineer Intern
John Deere in Fargo, ND
Summer 2022 | Lav Thyagarrajan
Data Scientist Intern
China Merchants Bank in Shanghai, China
Summer 2018

Academic Services

Conference Reviewer at ICML 2024, NeurIPS 2024


Teaching Assistant:
STAT 371: Introductory Applied Statistics for the Life Sciences (20 Fall)
STAT 301: Introduction to Statistical Methods (21 Spring, 21 Summer)
STAT 303-305: R for Statistics (21 Fall)
STAT 479: Statistical Data Visualization (22 Spring)

Instructor of VISP Non-credit program:
Intro to Big Data (Jan. to Feb. in 2020) [ Slides1 Slides2 ]
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