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Warning: These indexes are often incomplete and do not represent all the songs in the ITRANS Song Book. In other words, there might be songs in the ISB that should have been in this list, but are not, because of missing information. The listing by Song Titles contains all the songs.

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ASCII Devnagri Jtrans aaj ham apanii duaao.n kaa asar dekhe.nge [#568]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx aaj mere man me.n sakhii baa.Nsurii bajaae koii [#N8035]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans aaj unase pahalii mulaaqaat hogii [#1270]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx aajaa re aa sajanaa, tuu chhuu le mujhe [#N9212]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans aanevaalii hai, aanevaalii hai milan kii gha.Dii [#584]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx aavaaz do ham ek hai.n, ham ek hai.n [#N9085]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans allaah tero naam, iish_var tero naam, [#572]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans chalat musaafir moh liyo re pi.nja.De vaalii muniyaa [#689]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx chamakaa ban kar aman kaa taaraa [#N9065]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans chup zamiin aasamaan, kah sake nA ye zubaan [#1265]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans dam maaro dam, miT jaaye Gam, bolo subah shaam [#386]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans darashan do ghanashyaam naath morii a.nkhiyaa.N pyaasii re [#768]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans dil lenaa khel hai diladaar kaa [#1118]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans dulhan chalI, o pahan chalii tiin kii cholii [#740]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx ek ho gaye ham aur tum [#N8209]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx ham chhupe rustam hai.n [#N9140]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans jaane vaale sipahii se puuchho vo kahaa.n jaa rahaa hai [#1011]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans jaane vAle sipaahii se puuchho vo kahaa.n jaa rahaa hai [#907]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans jaba a.ndheraa hotaa hai, aadhii raata ke baada ek chor [#866]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx kabhii ai haqiiqat-e-mu.ntazar, nazar aa libaas-e-majaaz me.n [#N8185]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans khanake to khanake kyo.n khanake, meraa ka.nganaa [#1187]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx laal laal gaal [#N9143]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx le jaae.nge, le jaae.nge, dil-vaale dulhaaniyaa le jaae.nge [#N9129]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans meh.ngaaii maar gaii, meh.ngaaii maar gaii [#1151]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx meraa piyaa ghar aayaa, o raamajii [#N9189]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans mere desh kii dharatii, sonaa ugale ugale hiire motii [#462]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx mohabbat bharaa koii paiGaam de yaa ashko.n me.n Duubii huii shaam de [#N9004]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans nakharevaalii [#1263]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans pag ghu.Ngaruu baa.Ndh miiraa naachii thii [#316]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans saathii haath ba.Dhanaa saathii haath ba.Dhanaa [#831]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans taaro.n me.n sajake apane suuraj se, dekho dharatI chalI milane [#540]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans terI mahafil me.n kismat aazamaa kar ham bhI dekhe.nge [#1083]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans tuu pii aur jii, tuu jii he he, aur pii [#946]

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