Keeping the soldering iron warm

Vertex VXD-720 / VXD-7200 info LaCrosse anemometer hack Manual ATAS antenna controller
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Yaesu VX-150 Squelch Apple IIe power supply recap 33cm amplifier Flex sequencer
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Icom IC-38A repair Flex-5000 repair Grill Thermocouple SDR-1000 USB interface
W9YT DMR interface Krell 350Mcx re-cap Franken-Flex-3000 PiAQ env monitor
Yaesu FT-857 display repair Blind Corner Cabinet Lift Arduino Antenna Analyzer Auto Antenna Tuner Design
Patcomm PC500 repair AD9850 synthesizer Yaesu FT847 repair Tannoy Reveal 6D repair
HTX-10 IF radio modification Yaesu VX7R repair Astron switching PS repair Yaesu VX5R repair
Kenwood TKR-850 repair Kenwood TS-440S repair Motorola R2200A repair Deere 200LC engine controller repair
OZ2CPU wattmeter E-MU 0404USB active crossover NH3 temperature monitor 902, 1296, 2304, 3456 transverters
W1GHZ 222 transverters E-Mu 0404 Mods Tripath T-Amp 10MHz GPS reference oscillator
FT-817 blown finals VK3BHR LC meter
ESP-504 to 222
HP 5345A repair 0-30V powersupply IC-W21AT repair
Softrock SDR
Misc Fixes Common ham transceiver TCXO unit specs Selected ham transceiver filter specs

"My favorite programming language is ... solder." -- Bob Pease (1940-2011)

W1GHZ 222 transverter E-Mu 0404 mods Tripath T-amp mods 10MHz GPS referenced oscillator FT-817 blown finals IC-W21AT repair san2pc Softrock SDR ESP504 mods HP5345A repair 0-30V powersupply softrock sdr oz2cpu wattmeter E-Mu 0404USB arduino temperature sensor microwave transverters misc fixes

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