Keeping the soldering iron warm

Embedded PC
CAN-bus damage
Vertex VXD-720 /
VXD-7200 info
anemometer hack
Manual ATAS
antenna controller
Yaesu VX-150 Squelch Apple IIe power supply recap 33cm amplifier Flex sequencer
(no pic yet)
Icom IC-38A repair Flex-5000 repair Grill Thermocouple SDR-1000 USB interface
W9YT DMR interface Krell 350Mcx re-cap Franken-Flex-3000 PiAQ env monitor
Yaesu FT-857 display repair Blind Corner Cabinet Lift Arduino Antenna Analyzer Auto Antenna Tuner Design
Patcomm PC500 repair AD9850 synthesizer Yaesu FT847 repair Tannoy Reveal 6D repair
HTX-10 IF radio modification Yaesu VX7R repair Astron switching PS repair Yaesu VX5R repair
Kenwood TKR-850 repair Kenwood TS-440S repair Motorola R2200A repair Deere 200LC engine controller repair
OZ2CPU wattmeter E-MU 0404USB active crossover NH3 temperature monitor 902, 1296, 2304, 3456 transverters
W1GHZ 222 transverters E-Mu 0404 Mods Tripath T-Amp 10MHz GPS reference oscillator
FT-817 blown finals VK3BHR LC meter
ESP-504 to 222
HP 5345A repair 0-30V powersupply IC-W21AT repair
Softrock SDR
X10 video RX mods
(no pic yet)
Misc Fixes Common ham transceiver TCXO unit specs Selected ham transceiver filter specs

"My favorite programming language is ... solder." -- Bob Pease (1940-2011)

W1GHZ 222 transverter E-Mu 0404 mods Tripath T-amp mods 10MHz GPS referenced oscillator FT-817 blown finals IC-W21AT repair san2pc Softrock SDR ESP504 mods HP5345A repair 0-30V powersupply softrock sdr oz2cpu wattmeter E-Mu 0404USB arduino temperature sensor microwave transverters misc fixes

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