Many of the following slides are modified from the excellent class notes of similar courses offered in other schools by Prof Yung-Yu Chung, Frédo Durand, Alexei Efros, William Freeman, Srinivasa Narasimhan, Steve Seitz, and Dr Richard Szeliski. The instructor is extremely thankful to the researchers for making their notes available online. Please feel free to use and modify any of the slides but acknowledge the original sources where appropriate.

The following tentative syllabus is inheritted from last Fall; it is subject to change (but not much) and update.

Lecture Dates

Topics Materials
1 Sept 2 Tu Introduction and Overview
2 Sept 4 Th Cameras and Image Formation

Readings: Forsyth and Ponce, Chapter 1

Diffraction and Photography Tutorial

3 Sept 9 Tu Eyes and HDR

Readings: Nishino and Nayar, IJCV 2006, Corneal Imaging System: Environment from Eyes

4 Sept 11 Th HDR(2)

Readings: Debevec, SIGGRAPH 1997, Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs

Project 1 assigned

5 Sept 16 Tu Image Processing Basics


Readings: Forsyth and Ponce, Chapter 7 and 8 on filtering and edge detection.

6 Sept 18 Th Image Transformation

Readings (Optional): Fergus et al, Removing camera shake from a single image, SIGGRAPH 2006.

7 Sept 23 Tu Camera Projection and Calibration

Readings: Forsyth and Ponce, Chapter 2 on geometric camera models.

8 Sept 25 Th Image Mosaics

Readings: Forsyth and Ponce, Chapter 3 on geometric camera calibration.

Project 1 due on Sept 25

9 Sept 30 Tu Image Mosaics(2)

1. R. Szeliski and H.-Y. Shum. Creating full view panoramic image mosaics and texture-mapped models, SIGGRAPH 1997, pp251-258.
2. M. Brown, D. G. Lowe, Recognising Panoramas, ICCV 2003.
Project 2 assigned

10 Oct 2 Th Matching Features

Lowe, IJCV 2004, Distinctive image features from scale-invariant keypoints
Brown et al, CVPR 2005, Multi-image matching using multi-scale oriented patches
Brown and Lowe, ICCV 2003, Recognizing Panorama

11 Oct 7 Tu Single View Modeling


Horry et al, SIGGRAPH 1997, Tour into the picture
Criminisi et al, IJCV 2000, Single View Metrology

12 Oct 9 Th Shading and Illumination


Woodham, Optical Engineering, 1980, Photometric Stereo

13 Oct 14 Tu Shading and Illumination (2)

Hertzmann and Seitz, PAMI 2005, Example-based Pphotometric Stereo
Nayar et al, SIGGRAPH 2007, Fast Seperaton of Direct and Global Illumination

Project 2 due on Oct 14

14 Oct 16 Th Stereo


Forsyth and Ponce, Computer Vision, 2003, Chapter 11 Stereopsis
Scharstein and Szeliski, IJCV 2002, A taxonomy and evaluation of dense two-frame stereo correspondence algorithms

Project 3 assigned

15 Oct 21 Tu Stereo (2)

(Optional) Zhang et al, SIGGRAPH, 2004, Spacetime Faces

16 Oct 23 Th Structure from Motion


Hartley and Zisserman, Multiple View Geometry, 2003, Chapter 9 Epipolar Geometry and the Fundamental Matrix (course reserve in Wendt Library)
Marc Pollefeys' online tutorial on SfM
Snavely et al, SIGGRAPH 2006, 3D Photo Tourism

17 Oct 28 Tu Structure from Motion (2)

Kanade and Morris, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series A, Vol. 356, No. 1740, 1998, Factorization Methods for Structure From Motion
Bill Triggs, et al, Vision Algorithms: Theory and Practice, 2000, Bundle Adjustment -- A Modern Synthesis

18 Oct 30 Th Multiview Stereo


Kutukakos and Seitz, IJCV 2000, A Theory of Shape by Space Carving
Faugeras and Keriven, ECCV 1998, Complete Dense Stereovision using Level Set Methods

Project 3 due on Oct 24

Final Project Out

19 Nov 4 Tu Plenotpic Function and Lightfields


Levoy and Hanrahan, SIGGRAPH 1996, Light Field Rendering
Isaksen, et al, SIGGRAPH 2000, Dynamically Reparameterized Light Fields
Ng et al, Stanford CS Tech Report 2005-02, Hand-Held Plenoptic Camera
Levoy, IEEE Computer 2006, Light Fields and Computational Imaging


20 Nov 6 Th Face Detection and Recognition


Forsyth and Ponce, Chapter 22, pp 495-511
Turk and Pentland, J of Cognitive Neuroscience 3(1), Eigenfaces for recognition
Viola and Jonce, IJCV 2004, Robust Realtime Face Detection

21 Nov 11 Tu

Automatic Photo Quality Assessment

Cutzu, et al, CVPR 2003, Estimating the photorealism of images: Distinguishing paintings from photographs
Data, et al, ECCV 2006, Studying Aesthetics in Photographic Images Using a Computational Approach
Ke, et al, CVPR 2006, The Design of High-Level Features for Photo Quality Assessment

Presenters: Tuo Wang, Yupu Zhang & Guoliang Jin


22 Nov 13 Th Final Project Proposal Presentation
23 Nov 18 Tu

Text, Images, and Object Categories

Berg et al, CVPR 2004, Names and Faces in the News
Berg and Forsyth, CVPR 2006, Animals on the Web
Lazebnik et al, CVPR 2006, Beyond Bags of Features

Presenters: Mayank Maheshwari, Prachi Bhadekar and Blayne Field

24 Nov 20 Th Shape and Matching

Belongie, et al, PAMI 2002, Shape matching and object recognition using shape contexts
Shechtman and Irani, CVPR 2007, Matching Local Self-Similarities across Images and Videos
Grausman and Darrell, ICCV 2005, Pyramid Matching Kernel

Presenters: Mikola Lysenko, Chris Hopman, Aubrey Barnard

25 Nov 25 Tu

Labeling Images for Fun

Final Project progress report due on Dec 3

Ahn, CHI 2004, Labeling Images with a Computer Game (game website)
Ahn, et al, Peekaboom: A Game for Locating Objects in Images (game website)
Russel et al, MIT AI LAB Memo, AIM-2005-025, Label Me (tool website)
Torralba et al. Tiny Images.

Presenters: Ba-Quy Vuong, Nan Chen, Adam Bechle

26 Nov 27 Th Thanksgiving
27 Dec 2 Tu

Indexing and Retrivel of Image Database

Sivic and Zisserman, CVPR 2003, Video Google
Nister and Stewenius, CVPR 2006, Scalable Recognition with a Vocabulary Tree
Chum et al, ICCV 2007, Total Recall: Automatic Query Expansion with a Generative Feature Model for Object Retrieval.

Presenters: Jiasi Song, Yancan Huang, Shengqi Zhu

28 Dec 4 Th Segmentation

Comaniciu and Meer, ICCV 1999, Mean shift analysis and applications.
Shi and Malik. PAMI 2000. Normalized Cuts and Image Segmentation.
Kannan et al. NIPS 2006. Clustering Apperance and Shape by Learning Jigsaws.

Presenters: Yi Pan

29 Dec 9 Tu Dataset Collection

Ramanan et al, ICCV 2007, Leveraging Archival Video for Building Face Datasets
Jain et al, ICCV 2007, People-LDA: Anchoring Topics to People using Face Recognition
Schroff et al, ICCV 2007, Harvesting Image Databases from the web

Presenters: Alok Shridhar Deshpande, Kong Yang, Sundeep Vaddadi

30 Dec 11 Th Final project presentation