Nathan Naze

I was a student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison from 2000 to 2005. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in the liberal arts, majoring in computer science, economics, and political science.

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Since 2005, I have been employed at Google as a software engineer. I am a member of the Google Web Server team, and serve as the tech lead running Closure Library (Google's primary JavaScript library). Previously, I was an engineer and tech lead on the Google Books project, primarily in user interface, and have been involved in the patents, magazines, news archives, and page creator projects. I have also spent my 20% time working on the open sourcing of Closure Library and giving public talks on the topic.

While in college, I interned in both the constituent and campaign offices of former Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, volunteered on other campaigns, and worked as a programmer part-time.


I currently live in New York City (we relocated while my partner attends law school), and previously lived in San Francisco and Madison, Wisconsin. I was born in Milwaukee and grew up in Wisconsin Rapids. My family is primarily from two immigrant groups in Wisconsin: the Walloons of the Wisconsin peninsula and the Norwegians of southwestern Wisconsin.


I'm a product of WRPS and attended Wisconsin under Byrd, Kohl, and HEAB Academic Excellence scholarships. I attended a Montessori preschool and have a history of pursuing disparate fields (I am a rare Google engineer with a bachelor of arts degree). I started college as a music student (in voice), but drifted away, eventually graduating with honors after five years with degrees in computer science, economics, and political science. I planned to attend law school, but instead a took a job offer from Google. I sometimes take classes at Stanford.


My hobbies include hiking, museum-going, open-source projects, and music. In New York, I sing with the Mendelssohn Glee Club. I previously sang with the Stanford Symphonic Chorus. Sometimes I sing jazz songs in piano lounges.

I like topics that stradle disciplines, particularly the intersection between computing and broader areas of society, government, the economy, and intellectual property.