Computer Sciences Dept.

CS 880 - Pseudorandomness and Derandomization

Spring 2013
Instructors: Holger Dell and Dieter van Melkebeek

Lecture Notes

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# Date Topic Scribe
011/23Introduction [PDF] [TEX]
randomized algorithms, statistical distance, pseudorandom distributions
Gautam Prakriya
021/28Pseudorandom Generators and Extractors [PDF] [TEX]
definition, use, connection with hardness, finite fields
Nick Pappas
031/30Error Correcting Codes [PDF] [TEX]
Hamming code, Hadamard code, Reed-Solomon code, code concatenation
Xi Wu
042/4k-Wise Uniform Generators [PDF] [TEX]
definition, connection with ECCs, construction
Alexi Brooks
052/6Applications of k-Wise Uniform Generators [PDF] [TEX]
Chebyshev's inequality, concentration bounds, list decoding the Hadamard code, hashing
Lubos Krcal
062/11Small-Bias Generators [PDF] [TEX]
definition, connection with ECCs, construction, PRGs for low-degree polynomials
Kevin Kowalski
072/13Harmonic Analysis [PDF] [TEX]
Fourier transform, Parseval's equality, list decoding the Hadamard code
Gautam Prakriya
082/18Applications of Small-Bias Generators [PDF] [TEX]
almost k-wise uniform generators, hardness of approximation
Gautam Prakriya
092/20Expanders [PDF] [TEX]
vertex expansion, edge expansion, quasi-randomness, rapid mixing, spectral expansion
Adam Everspaugh
103/4Expander Constructions [PDF] [TEX]
Cayley graph, Schreier graph, replacement product, zig-zag product
Xi Wu
112/25-27Applications of Expanders [PDF] [TEX]
deterministic and randomness-efficient confidence boosting, Chernoff bound
Mahnaz Akbari and Nick Pappas
133/6Derandomized Squaring [PDF] [TEX] (draft from Jul 19, 8:43pm)Alexi Brooks
143/11Undirected Connectivity in Logarithmic Space [PDF] [TEX] (draft from Jul 16, 4:09pm)
Random walk algorithm, iterared derandomized squaring, INW-generator for undirected connectivity
Adam Everspaugh
153/13Pseudorandomness for Logarithmic Space [PDF] [TEX] (draft from Jul 16, 4:09pm)
Branching programs, INW generator, Nisan's generator
Gautam Prakriya
163/18BPL in L^1.5 [PDF] [TEX] (draft from Jul 16, 4:26pm)
Random perturbation, Rounding, Saks & Zhou
Lubos Krcal
173/20Randomness Extractors [PDF] [TEX] (draft from Aug 2, 2:33pm)
Extractors, Seeded Extractors, Existence
Mahnaz Akbari
184/1Construction of Extractors [PDF] [TEX] (draft from Apr 15, 9:44pm)
Expander walk extractor, GUV-extractor
Kevin Kowalski
194/3Extractor-based PRGs [PDF] [TEX] (draft from Apr 8, 7:32am)
Extractor-based INW generator
Alexi Brooks
204/8Pseudorandomness for Regular Branching Programs [PDF] [TEX] (draft from Feb 27, 11:43pm)Nick Pappas
214/10Randomness and Space [PDF] [TEX] (draft from Apr 26, 11:34am)
Adam Everspaugh
224/15Pseudorandomness from Average-Case Hardness [PDF] [TEX] (draft from Apr 29, 8:04am)Mahnaz Akbari
234/17Pseudorandomness from Worst-Case Hardness [PDF] [TEX] (draft from Apr 22, 12:00pm)Kevin Kowalski
244/22Pseudorandomness for Bounded-Depth Circuits [PDF] [TEX] (draft from Apr 26, 11:32am)
Local list decoding, Reed-Muller code
Xi Wu
254/24Shrinkage [PDF] [TEX] (draft from May 1, 6:38pm)
Random restrictions, concentration bounds for k-wise independence
Lubos Krcal
264/29Pseudorandomness from Shrinkage [PDF] [TEX] (draft from May 22, 8:09pm)Gautam Prakriya
275/1Pseudorandomness for Half-spaces [PDF] [TEX] (draft from May 6, 12:59pm)
Sandwiching technique, invariance principle
Alexi Brooks
285/6Pseudorandomness for Half-spaces [PDF] [TEX] (draft from May 9, 7:41am)Nick Pappas
295/8PRGs from Communication Complexity [PDF] [TEX] (draft from Oct 22, 11:38am)Xi Wu

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