CS540 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CS540, Fall 2022
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Schedule (Subject to Change)

Date Topic Reading materials Assignments
Thursday, Sep 8 Welcome and Course Overview Python Crash Course (self-study) Slides HW1 Released (link to canvas) HW1 (pdf)
Tuesday, Sep 13 Probability Slides
Thursday, Sep 15 Linear Algebra and PCA Slides HW 2 Released
Tuesday, Sep 20 Statistics and Math Review Slides
Thursday, Sep 22 Introduction to Logic Slides HW1 Due and HW 2 Due, HW 3 Released
Tuesday, Sep 27 Natural Language Processing Slides
Thursday, Sep 29 Machine Learning: Introduction Slides
Tuesday, Oct 4 Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning I Slides HW3 DueHW 4 Released
Thursday, Oct 6 Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning II Slides
Tuesday, Oct 11 Machine Learning: Linear regression Slides
Thursday, Oct 13 Machine Learning: K - Nearest Neighbors & Naive Bayes Slides HW 4 Due, HW 5 Released
Tuesday, Oct 18 Machine Learning: Neural Network I (Perceptron) Slides
Thursday, Oct 20 Machine Learning: Neural Network II Slides HW 5 Due, HW 6 Released
Tuesday, Oct 25 Machine Learning: Neural Network III Slides
Thursday, Oct 27 Study Break for Midterm Exam (No Lecture)
Tuesday, Nov 1 Machine Learning: Deep Learning I Slides
Thursday, Nov 3 Machine Learning: Deep Learning II Slides HW 6 Due, HW 7 Released
Tuesday, Nov 8 Machine Learning: Deep Learning III Slides
Thursday, Nov 10 Machine Learning: Deep Learning and Neural Network's Summary Slides HW 7 Due
Tuesday, Nov 15 Search I: Un-Informed search Slides HW 8 Released
Thursday, Nov 17 Search II: Informed search Slides
Tuesday, Nov 22 Game - Part I Slides HW 8 Due, HW 9 Released
Thanksgiving recess: Nov 24-Nov 27
Tuesday, Nov 29 Game - Part II Slides
Thursday, Dec 1 Advanced Search Slides
Tuesday, Dec 6 Introduction to Reinforcement Learning Slides HW 9 Due, HW 10 Released
Thursday, Dec 8 Reinforcement Learning and Search Summary Slides
Tuesday, Dec 13 Ethics and Trust in AI HW 10 Due
Final Exam: Dec 17, 7:25PM